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Twitch Streamers, come forward!

Guest neogrant

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If you would like to help with streaming games on our official Twitch account, please let us know with:


Your current/previous Twitch channel

An email so we can add you to our streamers list


We will be working on integrating Twitch into our website so that it will automatically show live streams. If you would like to help, please come forward!



  • Red Alert 1:
  • Tiberian Dawn:
  • Tiberian Sun
  • Dune2000:
  • Red Alert 2: (Coming soon)
  • Yuri's Revenge: (Coming soon)

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Welcome to the forums Sbragg


I added your channel to the list, the lobby will now check automatically if you stream is on and show a LIVE button people can click on

Make sure you set your game type to "Red Alert" on twitch, it must show "puddit is playing Red Alert" on your page, that's how the lobby knows your stream is online

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