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Hey there, guess who!


Any way, I noticed how red alert already has all these options like ally at the start etc.


Can most of these be implemented in Dune2000 as well?

Another one would be a limitation on harvester, like saying, not unlimited but inserting a number. Just like how you can have 9999999 credits with red alert.

Stuff like that.

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yep, dune is still pretty new here and there are a lot of things that can be added. I will continue with the dune patches, but currently i'm doing some other stuff. The next thing i will add will be the selectable starting locations and the pre-set alliances, those are the most wanted/needed features

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Please put on the todo list:

- all none repairable units (infantry), heal up completely over time option. (about 50% the speed of the mammoth tnak)


This for any game, but Dune2000 and TD are the most important ones. I know of really a lot of people who hate the fact that certain units never, ever can be healed or repaired. These units are considered useless in the long run and there for not used. This discrete and logical choice by players actually leads to imbalances, that are corrected with the heal option.

A new valid strategy will now be, damaged infantry will be retreated so they can heal up. Not just damaged tanks.


If it is impossible to implement, it is impossible.

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Just suggesting.


Are you sure it is a perfect game?

Just asking.



90% is always about how infantry is bad in these kind of games. Dune2000/ TD/ RA. I remember my friends saying this as well. One of the reasons: infantry does not heal. But then again, it could be spoilage by Blizzard.

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Hey Funkyfr3sh, I´m a great fan of dune and want to thank you and the guys at gruntmod and cncnet for all the work you have done to make this game playable on modern systems and online  :D

I have a question regarding future features for Dune 2000. Would it be possible to integrate an in-game zoom mechanism, resembling the one in Emperor, perhaps with higher resolution textures? I really liked the mechanism in Emperor: Battle for Dune, but the game itself never was as good as Dune 2000.


Kind regards,


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Zoom function? One like in TA?

Would be fun and cool and befitting Dune2000.


But is not, I repeat, simply not possible.

You need to rewrite the engine from scratch for that.

We should be happy if the simpler requests are even possible.


(I agree, Dune2000 >>> EBfD)

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What a pitty, it would have been really useful. I thought about the implementation in a way like an on-the-fly resolution change, where you can switch between lower and higher resolutions with the same aspect ratio just by scrolling with the mouse wheel for example. Since Dune already supports different resolutions, would it really be that difficult to change them on the fly?

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Infantry is certainly NOT that useless in dune 2000 if used properly. Stick your troopers with the rest of the vehicles and you have a really strong army. I'm always more afraid of troopers than tanks when i want to push and attack a group of enemy units holding a certain position. Theefore i concentrate on killing troopers asap before making the full push.


Sardaukars are even better (for a teched-up Harkonnen player).

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Making infantry more useful:

I will take into account that there will be more infantry rocks through the map.


About 33-50% at each choke point?

The side ways of an canyon passage?


Also, several infantry only passages close to the start of a base corner.

A map should be designed in such a way that infantry can go straight from one base to another, while vehicles have to drive around... a lot.

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