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[C&C1] Setting up XCC Editor (for making maps)


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I have a question. I cannot open XCC editor it says that it cannot find all mix files. However I did follow the instructions on the OP. I downloaded the winter, desert and temperate mix files and I copied conquer.mix to the XCC main folder. But yet I get the message that it is unable to open all the mix files.


out of desperation I copied the entire TD game folder to the XCC folder (which was a whopping 1.12GB according to my pc??) and it worked.


1. So which mix files are all actually needed for XCC Editor    EDIT general.mix*

2. Is XCC editor only good for tiberian dawn? Or can I use it for other games as well?

3. Can I get a link to a tutorial for XCC editor? The program appears to be rather user-unfriendly and is not nearly as clear as RAED.


I was also looking for a replacement for RAED because RAED is too unconvenient for big map changes, I miss the icons for map objects. I still use the original map editor of red alert to produce maps, but it does not have the dessert option.

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1. I did mention that, actually:

-Start XCC Mixer, go to View -> Directories, set the "TD Primary" folder to the XCC folder, and the "TD Secondary" to your real C&C folder (it also tries to read general.mix for some reason, though I don't see why)

Seems the reason is just to you can open the menu and select "open from mix". Though it's actually originally a CD file  :huh:


2. Yes, XCC Editor is a C&C1 editor. Nothing more, nothing less.


3. Don't think any specific XCc Editor manual exists, but, the basic stuff you need to know about triggers and waypoints and teams and all that is in this file:


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