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[CnCNet] Current list of used map numbers


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This list is kept so the different map packs used on CnCNet won't overwrite eachother's maps.

Please inform me in this thread if you have a map or map pack and want to reserve additional numbers.


Note that 1.06c expands the map numbers range to 255, so there's a lot more possibilities now.





00: available but not advised, since it overrides the "default map". I suggest no one use it.


scm01ea - [C&C] Green Acres

scm02ea - [C&C] Sand Trap

scm03ea - [C&C] Lost Arena

scm04ea - [C&C] River Raid

scm05ea - [C&C] Eye Of The Storm

scm06ea - [C&C] Lakefront Clash

scm07ea - [C&C] Desert Madness

scm08ea - [C&C] Pitfall

scm09ea - [C&C] Moosehead Barrens

scm10ea - [COV] Red Sands

scm11ea - [irony] Dawn Forts (2v2)

scm12ea - [irony] Aquamarine (6p)

scm13ea - [irony] Delta (6p)

scm14ea - [WhiteShoes] Pyramid of Power

scm15ea - [irony] Cabin Fever (6p)

scm16ea - [Grimson] Oasis (4p)

scm17ea - [Grimson] Bitter Winter (6p)

scm18ea - [Grimson] Split Zone (3p)

scm19ea - [Grimson] Dead Hexagon (6p)

scm20ea - [Grimson] Parallel Duel (2p)

scm21ea - [Pichorra] Glacial Mountain (6p)

scm22ea - [Pichorra] The Four Horsemen (4p)

scm23ea - [Pichorra] Tiberium Zone (4p)

scm24ea - [Pichorra] Viceroid Area (6p)

scm25ea - [Pichorra] Injustice For All (4p)

scm26ea - [Pichorra] Rise of the Tiberium (6p)

scm27ea - [Pichorra] Tiberium Wars (4p)

scm28ea - [Pichorra] [C] Seeking in the City (2p)

scm29ea - [Pichorra] An Island in the Nowhere (5p)

scm30ea - [Pichorra] [C] Water Desert (6p)


31-46: available


scm47ea - [Grimson] Deadlocks

scm48ea - [Nyerguds] Nazca Plains


49: available


scm50ea - [COV] Emerald Highlands

scm51ea - [COV] Four Corners

scm52ea - [COV] Cactus Valley


53-55: available


scm56ea - [godly-cheese] Joust (2P)

scm57ea - [godly-cheese] Electric Avenue (6P)

scm58ea - [godly-cheese] Modest Field (6P)

scm59ea - [godly-cheese] Adjacent Battles (6P)

scm60ea - [COV] Monkey In The Middle

scm61ea - [COV] King Of The Mountain

scm62ea - [COV] Surgical Incision

scm63ea - [godly-cheese] Heavy Metal (6P)

scm64ea - [godly-cheese] Blistering Sands (6P)

scm65ea - [godly-cheese] Steppes of War (6P)

scm66ea - [Pichorra] The Forgiven Village

scm67ea - [ronco] Hidden Paradise

scm68ea - [N3tRunn3r] Canyon Passes (6p)

scm69ea - [N3tRunn3r] HJK6 CnC1 Edition (6p)

scm70ea - [C&C] Winter Waterland

scm71ea - [C&C] One Pass Fits All

scm72ea - [C&C] Straight And Narrow

scm73ea - [C&C] King Takes Pawn

scm74ea - [C&C] Nowhere To Hide

scm75ea - [COV] Village Of The Unfortunate

scm76ea - [N3tRunn3r] [crate map] Capture the CY's (6p)

scm77ea - [C&C] Marooned

scm78ea - [N3tRunn3r] [crate map] Capture the Center (6p)

scm79ea - [N3tRunn3r] [crate map] Inspecting Tiberium (6p)

scm80ea - [N3tRunn3r] [crate map] Discovery (6p)

scm81ea - [N3tRunn3r] Crossed (6p)

scm82ea - [N3tRunn3r] Crossed (4p)

scm83ea - [N3tRunn3r] Secondary Tiberium Impacts (6p)

scm84ea - [N3tRunn3r] Ten to One (6p)

scm85ea - [N3tRunn3r] Tiberium Passes (6p)

scm86ea - [N3tRunn3r] Vales Of The Templars (4p)

scm87ea - [N3tRunn3r] Winter Valleys (6p)

scm88ea - [N3tRunn3r] Forgotten Land (6p)

scm89ea - [N3tRunn3r] Central Escape (6p)

scm90ea - [COV] A Long Way From Home

scm91ea - [N3tRunn3r] Desert Island (4p)

scm92ea - [N3tRunn3r] Iron Cross (6p)

scm93ea - [N3tRunn3r] Iron Cross (4p)

scm94ea - [N3tRunn3r] P4 Limited (6p)

scm95ea - [N3tRunn3r] Symmetric Field (6p)

scm96ea - [C&C] Tiberium Garden

scm97ea - [COV] Northern Explosion

scm98ea - [COV] Diverse Region

scm99ea - [N3tRunn3r] Symmetric Field (4p)


100-214: available


scm215ea - [Jonttu] Overlord (6p)


216-255: available

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Ehh? Why would I let you replace N3t's map???


If you updated his map, let him take a look and let him decide.



On that note, I should really make a complete map pack...


i haven't talked to n3t in such a long time. but when ever i get the chance i'll ask. for that matter i forgot his msn so it may be difficult... but if he says no, i'll simply change the 80 into 00.

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If you don't mind, could you not use 00. Simply because I don't want a user-made map to be at the top of the list on every computer using CnCNet*.


*I'm going to add a distributed map pack to the program so that everyone has the same set of maps.

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Heh, I could change the numbers of the official maps to make em all start at 0 and have no gaps (like I'm doing with the Covert Ops), but that's make it thoroughly incompatible with Wchat's internal hardcoded maps list.


hmm, what about 65?

Map name plz?

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Like with the Covert Ops, only SCM??EA works currently. I might be able to change that, but the map names are read into a fixed size array of 00-99, so to expand that beyond the normal range I'll have to move the arrrays to Hyper's new section in the exe, and make sure the LAN interface actually uses the new ones.

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