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Question about Red Alert Small Infantry Patch


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I noticed this patch and wow its really pro work.


Last year when I try to add CNC commando into hire1.mix I can not solve the palet issue.


Can someone give a hint on how to solve palet issue when making such redalert small infantry patch?

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Gah... yeah, I got a bunch of conversion palettes for that, however, that's not enough to convert infantry. They also need to conform to the unit you're trying to replace.


I already made the Commando though.... lemme see if I can find it.




lol, found it.. unfortunately, that conversion was an experiment of actually resizing infantry in the same way it was done in RA.... so he's an ugly resize like the original RA soldiers :P

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Can you write a turtorial of this when convenient? Many MOD sites lack of this critical knowledge.


Commando is really fasinating unit! I dont know why they didnt put this unit in RA1 as a hidden unit just like viscroid in TD.

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  • 1 month later...

Hello. Maybe I can help you  :)


I searched a while in my XCC folder and stumbled upon it!

I can't take any credits for this because I did not create it myself.

Unfortunatly I also dont know who created it  :dry:


It has the correct frame count to replace tanya. If I have time I will rearrange the frames

to make it also fit for the [GNRL] "Field Marshall"


Here you go  :D


greets ~glouf

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There's something wrong with the first firing animation... it only fires once there, while it fires 3 times to all other directions.


Also, his hat uses the special glowing red colour instead of the normal one in pretty much the entire graphics set :P

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