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TS:FS Music Update addon (updated v1.01)


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Here's a small addon I made in an effort to resolve any existing issues with the in-game playlist, as well as to complement it with a few tracks that had been cut from the game. It might be of particular interest to people who make gameplay videos with the original game music, as it effectively adds five audio tracks (for a complete TS:FS playlist of 28 tracks).





-  A bug exists in TS/FS due to which Nod-specific tracks are available from the in-game playlist only in the Nod campaign, but never in multiplayer or skirmish. The addon works around that by unlocking all tracks, thusly enabling the songs "

The Defense

", "

Nod Crush

" and "


" in multiplayer/skirmish.


- Two extra tracks are added: the early TS track "


" (later featured in C&C: Renegade), and the cut Firestorm track "


". UPDATE: version 1.01 has adjusted volume levels for these two added tracks.


- Track names are corrected to match their names as they appear on the official TS soundtrack CD and in Frank Klepacki's TS/FS music player.


- All track length specifications are corrected to show the actual track lengths (some were missing or were just incorrect, while most had been specified incorrectly as minutes/seconds rather than as fractional minutes which are expected).






Download v1.01 (SendSpace), 4.08 MiB





(If you currently don't have the base music pack for the CnCNet version of the game, you can download it via the client's "


" dialog.)

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Very nice! Someone should do this for RA, too. The CS tracks are all just shown as their internal codes in the list, if I remember correctly, and the VR2 track has a wonky-sounding part in it that was fixed in the version on Frank Klepacki's jukebox.

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From what I've seen, Iran already mostly took care of the RA1 playlist issues in PortableRA (which arguably is nowadays the most reasonable option to go with for anyone who wants to install RA1), in addition to implementing extended functionality which allows to easily add more tracks via a


file (which he immediately used to add in the RA song remixes from Retaliation/Sole Survivor etc.). He also added


flags to always show all tracks and to randomize the starting track.


(While the songname fixes seem to have been carried over to the CnCNet5 minimal RA1 version, there apparently are some issues which prevent CnCNet5's custom RA1 spawn exe from using the extra tracks and the mentioned INI flags, thus currently you'll never have a complete track list in CnCNet5 RA1 games. Incidentally I just pointed this problem out here.)


Something similar might make sense for RA2/YR, though. Foremostly, unlike TS/FS, YR sadly doesn't include the vanilla RA2 tracks in its playlist. Then there's quite a few tracks that have been cut from the game (even though they are on the official soundtrack CD) and could be added, and there's probably also some small cosmetic track name adjustments to be made (yes, I'm looking at you, "HM2"... given that also a RA2 map was curiously named "Heck Freezes Over", these seem to be hints at a censorship of the word "hell" on EA's part at that time). EDIT: Done.

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Do you mean that part at 3:47 where it sounded like it was going slightly out of tune for a moment? If so, then that too might have been fixed already. In an mp3 that I had made from the old 


  ages ago I can hear that "anomaly" quite clearly, while the 


  that's sitting in the 


  that currently comes with PortableRA (and which the CnCNet5 client downloads upon request as well) sounds pretty much like the "clean" track does (at least to my ears).



That is not the only thing missing in ra95-spawn :P I only ported the important stuff for the moment, will add the missing patches later when i have some motivation to work on it again

OK, that clears it up then. I also looked through the binaries and found that the strings  "

"  and  "


"  don't even exist in 




BTW, upon glancing over these musings again I'm inclined to think that what that guy was actually on about was asking why the extended tracks from 


  (controlled by 


) won't show in online games.



Someone should do this for RA, too.

OK, here goes then:




While Iran had indeed fixed the Counterstrike track name strings already, there were still some original RA1 and Aftermath ones to correct. Note that when considering the soundtrack CD and Frank Klepacki's website as canon, then the two  "

Face the Enemy

"  tracks indeed become reversed in the in-game playlist. This most likely stems from the fact that out of the two, only the game's  "

Face the Enemy 2[b][/b]

"  was included on the soundtrack CD, and it was called just  "

Face the Enemy

"  there. As the naming on Frank's website primarily orients itself on the official CDs, the other one ended up becoming  "

Face the Enemy 2

"  in the end, even though it had originally been  "

Face the Enemy [b]1[/b]

"  in the game.


The modified files are attached - while 


  holds the name strings of the first 35 tracks, the added 


  tacks on the last three tracks (in additon to the eight already put there by Iran's


  package). The only RA1-related track still missing from that playlist would be the map theme, but that one's really way too short and monotonous to even be worth considering to be put there IMHO. 


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redalert on CnCNet5 supports now the music.ini again

I noticed that the 



  flags now work with 


  as well, great stuff!



Yeah I added the fixed Voice Rhythm 2 track to PortableRA.

So my ears didn't fool me - thanks for confirming!


(BTW it's interesting how that kind of glitch came to be in the first place. It definitely sounds like something caused by analog equipment - might have happened while transferring the audio from tapes or something).


I noticed that my correction of the remaining track names still isn't all though - curiously, all of the standard 35 tracks' lengths shown in the in-game playlist are about 8 seconds less that the actual track length (given that the difference seems roughly constant, it doesn't seem to be the same problem that the TS/FS track length data had). Unfortunately I'm not sure where these are stored in RA1, and couldn't really find any information on that either.

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