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I'm curious Funky Fr3sh?


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Many people have come and gone from the CnCNet project in the 6 years it has existed. Motivations have ranged from simply wanting to help, to advance programming/patching skills, being long time fans of C&C.


Originally CnCNet was only for the original C&C. eventually RA1 got supported and in the process accidentally TS and RA2 was too.


Many people have done a lot of things for the CnCNet project: Myg, Irony, hifi, FunkyFr3sh, Iran, Grant among other people.


and other people indirectly like Nyerguds and CCHyper.


As for me I have played C&C since I was little and it has stayed with me ever since.

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eventually RA1 got supported

Worst change ever :P


The history of CnCNet... well.


In 2004, Myg was desperately looking for ways to still play C&C1 online somehow. I got involved in these experiments, and using a tool to emulate COM ports, I played some of my very first C&C1 online games with him.


Then, the release of The First Decade brought along a number of hacks to fix crashes in C&C1, the combination of which formed the basis of my C&C95 v1.06 fan-patch. Meanwhile, Myg had been experimenting with a network dll file to replace the game's own network dll, which made the game look for LAN players and games on the whole internet instead of on the local network. Amazingly, this actually worked.


I included these first versions of cncnet in my patch, which was getting increasingly popular in the community because of the crash fixes it contained, and because of that, a whole community started growing around cncnet, and colonizing this place, which kind of started as mostly a C&C1 fans forum. The project went from Myg to some other people, and the use of hacks in the exe to integrate cncnet with the game started going far beyond any envisioned scope of my patch project.


And, that's where we are now, I guess. With a cncnet system that's mostly built into the game with exe hacks, and is a lot more like the old Westwood Online system than the LAN-online we started with.

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