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Red Alert 1 Secret Missions: It came from Red Alert Giant Ants


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Are these secret missions in the CNCNet.org file Red Alert 1? I cannot seem to access them.





I have done the clicking on the upper right speaker image at the main menu but never seem to pull up those missions. Are they here?


Thank you, :laugh:


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I found a bug. When the resolution is changed compared to the default, the area where to click changes also.

I'm not sure what you mean with that, but if it's anything like this, then it's just because the mission is smaller than your screen resolution, and you can fix it just by opening and closing the main menu to force the game to refresh the battlefield UI.

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Hi Nyerguds,


No, I really mean in the main menu.


To start the ant missions, after having increased the resolution, clicking on the speaker having Shift pressed does not launch the ant missions.


I've to click more on the left (more or less at the end of the game title logo) to launch ant missions.

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