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Fun With RA2/YR (just me messing around with the games)


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Kirov - $2000

Iron Curtain - $2500

Chronosphere - $2500


Having your team mate chronoshift your invinsible Kirov smack bang into the middle of your enemy's base.. priceless :)




this is actually a legit tactic, you dont even need to ic it when your enemy does not see it coming, which nobody will lol.

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Thanks. I've got the best sigs! Did you read my introductory post? It's in my sig, too!


What about nighthawks? Might not be nearly as funny as a kirov though, but the drone can probably jump into it right when it comes out of the wf. I know for a fact they can wipe entire airfields worth of harries and black eagles, lol.

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YOU... SHALL... NOT... PASS!!!


Crazy Ivan goes Gandalf on the engineers with his dynamite technique.



That video is private...


I wish I could watch this one :S


You're not missing out on much so don't worry, it's just Ivan constantly blowing up a bridge without the player doing anything (except at the start) :D


My favorite :3

Yeah this was pretty cool. Lucky I had my recorder on because I've never been able to do it again!

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Actually, most of the others showed amusing game bugs and interesting game mechanics, like the V2 rocket that can't land and the flipping over vehicles.

Yeah I know what you mean, but tbh I've run out of ideas :D I'm thinking of doing Tiberian Sun next.

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