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Idea for tourny


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This may be bad timing as im severely hungover and havent slept yet lol, however ill try to explain the best I can with a tourny idea.


Firstly..there will be some people who think this  is dumb, not a true "see whose the best player" type of tourny (mainly trz), however the goal here, as it should be, is to gain attention for a dying game, to involve as many players of all skill levels as possible., and to make it relatively even for everybody. If the player base would rather a traditional cash tourny, may as well just have trz go vs carnage for the prize and skip the bs inbetween.



So, we rank the players based on skill in 4 categories, 1-4- This will be based on everyone who enters, the community knows who belongs where


The top players will be in category 1- examples- trz, carnage, (me on a decent day lol), greyhonda etc

2- slightly below these players, but can still hold their own, people such as fo0dlion, nate, dogshigh etc

3- Players who have basic knowledge of the game, but cant really compete vs the top 2 tiers often enough, players such as- nodrescue, mecha, some modders come to mind, players who know how to play, but just arnt top notch

the bottom tier are the complete newbs, people who are very new to the game, perhaps play ra1 etc. Lets be honest...these players would stand 0 chance vs the upper tiers.


Again, the point of this is to make everyone in any tier have a fighting chance to win the tourny.


The games would be a best of 7 (first to 4 wins). However to balance out the skill differences, I was thinking of giving the higher tiered players a handicap.

tier 1 vs tier 2- Tier 2 starts with a 1 game advantage...meaning they only have to win 3 more

Tier 1 vs tier 3, they have a 2 or 3 game advantage, meaning the lower ranked player has to win only 1 or 2 games

For tier 1 vs tier 4, players like trz, myself etc should NEVER lost to a player of this category, doesnt matter the map, skill and experience should 100% always win.


To counter this, and make it potential for tier 4 to win, id suggest either a 1 game win OR being able to last a certain time limit... say 25minutes in game vs a tier 1 player. If a top player cant kill a complete newb in 25-30 minutes then the newb advances.... obviously players who lag would either be adjusted or not allowed to enter the tourny at all


Players who pretend to be shit before the tourny, and get put into a lower tier than they should be in, are disqualified.


For tier 2 vs 3, have tier 3 a 1-2 game advantage


Another "balancer" would be to allow the lower ranked player to always choose the map and starting positions. Certain maps will be selected (include most fs/ts official fair maps, some mods as well.


Anyhoo this may be scattered, im barely alive right now. Again the whole point is to keep it somewhat even for EVERYONE, in order to promote this great old game, and hopefully teach some players.


The "elites" should have no problem with this.



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sorry its hard to explain when its all in my head...and im tired lol


so basically if people in the same "tier" play against eachother its just a basic best of 7, maps are chosen either at random or if both players agree.


Although I understand the no mods thing...just trying to accommodate for everyone...was thining of only a select few, such as green moon, grays, atombombu etc


Basically say we have 60 people sign up, we rank everybody (take a week or 2 to play with players we dont know, see where they fit) and then just do maybe a random ladder format? whats that site...you put names in and it randomly puts people against eachother


So yes...a normal set up, the handicaps are just there to make it more fair for lower players to play against you or me.


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You know Wuss is a true Canadian when he arranges it in a best out of a 7 playoff series format. ;*P Wouldn't it be great, nail-biting stuff if one player was down three games, but came back to win the last four???????? ;d


As for the tier format, I think a great way of giving tier 4 players a chance against tier 1 players would be to have an observer watch them game, and set a rule so that the tier 1 player is only allowed to build a power plant and a barracks for the first 10 minutes while the tier 4 can build all he wants!!!!!!!! That way the tier 4 should have a good amount of defence and economy, and the tier 1 shouldn't be too far behind. ;d

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Although come to think of it, a tier 1 player would probably still be able to beat a tier four player quickly with a 1 ref man rush, so I don't know!!!! Maybe add in another rule where the tier 1 player isn't aallowed to attack for 10 minutes, as well as being limited to the barracks and 1 ref???????

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How bout we create 6-7 teams, with the same amount of tier 1-4 players on each team and battle against eachother. Instead of having stacked clans with all the best players, we can have captains of 6 teams draft players and record matches against one another. Just a thought

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  • 3 weeks later...

What kind of tourney you guys want?


a quickie 1v1 best of 3s (all maps(fs optional)


or more team oriented like 2v2 (possibly 3s or 4s).


Serious responses and inquiries. We gonna make this happen it will be organized through cncnet, sponsors will be welcome.

(Humble and skylegend have already offered $$ to prize pool)

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Ty for quick response. Point here is to get some sort of activity and buzz going, you're a regular, so you might as well play for some cash :D


All official maps and modes will be allowed, up to players what to choose. If they want, they can even play TS maps with FS mode or FS maps with TS mode. Have simple rules and not too many restrictions

credit: 10K, game speed: max, multi eng, no crates


Also I think the mashup --depending on player availability-- of 1v1 and 2v2 in same tournament is very doable.


Best of 5 will be too long, sometimes luck comes in; happens.

(i understand bl owns tr and br owns tl etc.)


If you really have a serious idea in mind that could work pm me, we'll talk it over

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I think the best ww players should all be put in a table and then captains are chosen out of the top 4.


For example

#1 carnage

# 2 corpsmakr


From this, they both have the choice to pick 2 players from the remaining list of top WW players  eg:


Phenomena. Nate. Benny. Energy. Microsoft. Sick speed. Trz. Plus many more.


for a 3on3 forest fires war (of course with space for a admin who is unbiased to watch over games for deliberate disconnects when someone dies.


I think this would open it up for very nice tactics and community bonding and strategy between the players. I think you could potentially have 5-6 teams of 3 players, all of whom can hold their own and then the winners of the ff games can drop one player and play the final on terraces?


Carnage humble energy vs

Corpsmakr dazirland Nate

Benny sickspeed Microsoft

Trz phenomena d3stroyer


Just think it would be much more interesting as this game was built on clan ladder and team spirit and sometimes the players who are great 1on1 really seem to struggle in 3on3s .



Notable player also would be japi he has an excellent team game

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Could also split the priZe obey then amongst the winning team. 40 captain 40 to then guy who is kept for terrace (if they win) and 20 to the guy who helped on the forest fires 3on3. Think there would be some amazing strategy like MRLS rushes middle bridge rushes apc down the river it's making me

Excited thinking about it :)

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my name is at the top of most every ff game i play, 6-8 ffg, has nothing to do with skill. benny clone or benny. but you can cant me out of any 3v3 tournament. or 4v4, i wont play in it. too many times my allies die early, and its pointless because there are very few decent 6-8 maps. 2v2 is ok. 3v3 or 4v4 is not for me. for a tournament.


only noobs like benny struggle in 3v3, in fact he seems to waste units and die most games im in with him. lol

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you need to just not post here, you dont know ts.


the tournament needs to be kept simple to work. 1v1 or 2v2. 3v3-4v4 u will be hard pressed to organize times and to get people to play their games




keep it simple stupid


im the one that first discussed this tournament with humble and aur and others frodo. lol.


we are keeping it simple. there wont be a 3v3 or 4v4 trust me

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