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Let's Play Command & Conquer: The Dinosaur Missions


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You are probably all aware of this bonus campaign, so I can't really surprise you with it.  :heady: Needless to say, C&C was developed shortly after Jurassic Park kicked off another dinosaur craze which I'm sure contributed to this bonus campaign. Back in the day, this blew my mind!


Anyway, the first mission is here:



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Unfortunately, people found the internal files a lot faster than the official way to unlock it, meaning most people back in the day played this with glitchy dinosaur graphics, since the way to make them visible was to disable their walker logic, which totally messes up their frame usage :D

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lol, I have no idea. I think I just found it in some fan-made FAQ or something.


I remember Westwood people mentioning it in a couple of interviews, but I have no idea if those interviews were from back then or years later.


It's completely impossible to find in the actual game, anyway; it's hashed with the one-way hashing algorithm they also used for all of those nifty conquer.ini options I unlocked (for disabling bibs, enabling MCV undeploy, showing true names for civilians, etc), meaning it's just an integer (11CA05BB) in the game code.

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I just took a couple of random dinosaurs that looked cool and scary. And are probably biologically inaccurate.  :P I could have taken the aerial dinosaur from the first cut scene. It doesn't appear as a unit, but its appearance in the cut scene makes it semi-official, I guess.




Custom thumbnails can be chosen in the upload menu or later in the video manager. I think you need to have your channel verified for that, though.

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