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A remarkable C&C clone


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Some time ago, I've stumbled upon this game called Tridonis. By the looks, it has a very close similarity to Tiberian Dawn, yet with somewhat improved graphics. Just have a look:










More screenshots:





Anyone played it? :D So far, I have been unable to find a downloadable demo...

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I remember a topic about this on CnC Tech Center long ago.


It looks like StarCraft mixed wirg C&C. O_O Never played it though :/


Tiberium Dawn


Never heard of that game :O I have heard of Tiberian Dawn though. :P



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  • 2 years later...

I've found the game here: [warez link]

It's an image disk file (700Mb) in 2 RAR files.

I wasn't able to install it because it's in Pollish.

The install canceled itself, maybe I've saved one RAR over the other, I'll see this later.

Look, you do understand this game is still sold, don't you? Please remove the warez link.

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