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which of the cnc series you like the most ?


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I only take single player experience in regard for now.

Since I get raped in multi player. Can't call it experience ;)


Yeah, C&C 3 really had a really good game play. It also gives back the atmosphere I had with C&C Dawn. Meaning, 1 or 2 man actions >>> tank rush.

Sun was the odd one in the series. But still good.

While C&C4, never played it. (For E aaargh reasons)

Renegade really fits between Dawn and 3.


Red Alert, well, is another jacket for C&C Dawn, but none the less good to some extend. Until it is tank rush all the way.

Red Alert 2, way to..... meh. But my squad of 9 AA and 9 Prism always won me the day.

Red Alert 3, never played it. (Again E aaargh reasons)


The Tiberian series outweigh the Red Alert series in my opinion.


Generals, now here we had some good progress. What the designers learned here, was also used in C&C3.

Generals would have won, if income wasn't so rigged!!! (Waaaay to much money, I mostly ended a game with 100 nukes and 1.000.000 in my bank account)


In overall, I think the big winner will be C&C 3.


You forgot to implement the Dune series. Most people forget that this is 25% of the RTS games that Westwood/Eaaargh has made.

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Red Alert (1) came in a time when I was, historically, interested in the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Where I was wondering how life could be like if Communism would've been the way to go in the 90's Europe, Red Alert kind of gave me an answer


I think I should be able to say that "unfortunately" I was introduced to Red alert (and thus the genre of RTS) before I was introduced to Command & Conquer (back then it had that name, nowadays we know it as Tiberian Dawn) and with this, in combination with my interest in the Soviet Union, it sparked an interest, and eventual love for the Red Alert universe, peaking, obviously at Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

At the same pace, I was introduced to Red Alert 2 before Tiberian Sun, so I've always had a higher regard for RA2 than anything else. That, plus my distaste for "walker mechs on Earth", which TS of course had a lot of, I've never really been able to enjoy the Tiberium universe at all, especially at TW/KW, learning it once again was Kane vs GDI and something else. (let's not discuss the failure of CNC4)


CNC Generals was different, but due to the lack of Russia ( felt, in that day if an RTS had USA, it also needed Russia, again the whole Cold War scenario), I could not fully enjoy it (until recently) and thus never payed too much attention to it. More recently I've delved a little bit deeper ino the core and I've found some appreciation for this game


Now I have to say that the mods I've come to know in the recent years, I've gotten a greater appreciation for variety. If an RTS has sides, but each side is not divided into "uniquer" armies, I find them less appealing (Grey Goo is a great example of such "generic 3 faction" RTS) and perhaps it has tainted my perspective on RTS games in general


Going back to the topic at hand, I've always favored the Red Alert universe to the other universes since my interest in the Soviet Union (and my love for Tesla weaponry) so I'll stick with that

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The C&C games I have played the most is the original C&C followed by Red Alert, Tiberian Sun and Generals.


My favorite game is C&C1 followed by RA1 and as RA1 was part of the same story as C&C1 until they separated the universes. The game manual and official FAQ stating it was a prequel with Kane even showing up in the game at times. I vote for "original C&C series".


Generals has my favorite game mod of all time though: Cold War Crisis.

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