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How to defeat the allies?


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Ok, so I'm playing against my brother online. And its great. So far, I've always won using the soviets and he uses the allies (for some reason we always play like this). But I can't seem to stop his navy. Everytime we played I won, but he gets a bit better regarding my tactics. He uses Cruises and Destroyers. And as many submarines as I build, they usually don't last long against destroyers and the cruises range is godlike. Last round I ended up with a base in the middle of the map while he had only cruises and some destroyers left (on land, I rule). I had to win by using migs on him (and boy they are useless). Still there has to be a way to counter allies navy without having to run away from the water :/


Aftermath included.

We always play A Path Beyond.

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I have the best solution. Make 8-10 mig aircraft and first target his conyards. The attack would be unstoppable and made in about 10 min in the game. Second is to used the survivors to destroy all his armour producing structures (naval yard and war factories) if u keep at least 3-4 subs and some tanks to cver ure base and fields, uve got a sure victory. Oh yeah and if this doesnt work go for the tanya rush on conyard. According to what ure saying i think ure bro doesnt make a repair facility so for now this would be the best win strategy :P.

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