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Graphical Suggestions


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I've recently got this working, and I'll keep updating this topic with graphical suggestions as I play.


1. The FMVs. Make them widescreen and reduce blurryness, if possible.




In this image, I play as Nod.


2. Reduce fuzzyness of the control bar at the bottom. (The red looks kinda blurry and it has black spots everywhere)


3. Some of the models need work. The construction yard, for example, is fuzzy.


4. See that icon on the lower right of the control bar? The one that says construction yard? That's fuzzy. Fix it.


Not bad so far, just a few graphical things that could be changed.

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I guess you could call it the texture, yeah. I haven't tried zooming in yet.


BUG: I captured a Nod Tiberium Refinery withoiut the harvester inside. When the harvester came back, it went into the refinery and gave me credits even though it was a Nod harvester. I could not control the harvester; it was still a Nod unit.

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Thanks for the insight...


1.) The Refinery/Harvester has bugs as I did try to recreate the trick that you can do in the original game that allows you to capture both the Refinery and the Harvester when it is inside. Unfortunately, Generals coding apparently does not like my classic style configuration, but it is a challenge I still try my best to overcome.


2.) Models and Icons are indeed totally being given a overhaul. Here are some samples of models/icons...










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The mod will once again be a full install as we hope to do a complete overhaul of the file system, installer, and possibly adding a launcher if we get help on it. The Mod itself has gone though so much enhancements, changes, and fixes that it has to be a full install anyways.  XD

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I'd buy it if you're able to sell it, but will it be a free download supported by EA? (A Path Beyond is a good example)

you can't sell it. Maybe you can make it stand-alone like APB, but EA will never allow you to make profit off their engine. It's only natural.

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Found this comment today from Lazy6Pyro (who is a modeler and texture artist from the C&C 3 TD Mod) on a Screenshot I posted on ModDB.


Lazy6pyro Sep 24 2009, 9:53pm says:


Great effects, it really makes it have a great presentation, until I see the easily noticeable stretched UVs on the conyard and the other structures. Take care of these details as it really shows the level of care in your models and textures. It kind of reminds me of a nicely-dressed kid (suit, tie and all) except that the shoe-laces are untied. Take care of the basics.


What do you guys think of it? I need additional suggestions in relation to what the is talking about. (screenshot below)




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