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CnCNet Leaderboard now live!


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Greetings Commanders!


After much build up and speculation, we are happy to announce the first official release of the CnCNet Leaderboards. Commanders can participate by logging in to the CnCNet game client using their forum credentials. The leaderboards will reset on a monthly basis and participants this month will receive a special profile award to signify their contributions to the first ladder.


Currently the leaderboards support the following games, (with Yuri's Revenge coming soon!)

  • Red Alert
  • Red Alert: The Aftermath
  • Tiberian Sun
  • Tiberian Sun: Firestorm

Please report any issues encountered so that we may quickly resolve them!


Special thanks goes out to Grant, FunkyFr3sh, tomsons26, Tore, and hifi.


See you on the battlefield!



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nice to have the ladder!


I have played a few times today, lost 2, won 1, but only 1 game is showing when I lost against Croboy (obviously)


my question is, if someone disconnects just before they are beaten does this get recorded?  As that is the game I won against sniff.



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  • 7 months later...

This is some great news. Well done team CnCNet  :)


You should easily be able to make the ladder system to sense when a 2vs2 game finish as a wash game(draw) which occurs when one player from each team is defeated before one team defeats all opposing players. Then you will be able to create a separate 2vs2 ladder since the possible outcomes of a 2vs2 game are team 1 wins, team 2 wins or wash game which means a draw and then no points should be awarded or deducted on the ladder. (I am sure this should be possible some how for 3vs3 and 4vs4 games too but I have never played that kind of ladder game since it did not exist at WOL.)


If you then create an interface(perhaps copy the old WOL-ladder if there are no copyright issues anymore) where players can log in with their credentials and add features to create clans, invite into and kick members/players from the clan then I am sure every one who played Tiberian Sun on a higher level will appreciate it. This will allow players to evolve their teamplaying skills again more easily and it also will also create circumstances where players will be more innovative and create new strategies and tactics regarding 2 vs 2 gameplay since you can easier practice with the players that you currently choose to create a clan with. Also there are some significant different skillsets needed to be very successful in 2vs2 compared to 1vs1 games, such as sending enough support to your team m8 when needed,timings, counterattack in right moments,handle early doubleteaming, the eco game, harv control etc are also alot different since the tib/money is much more limited in a 2vs2 and there are much more opportunities to harvhunt. Games rarely go 1vs1 style in a 2vs2 where top vs top and bottom vs bottom positions mainly battle it out. Also the combo attacks and other dynamics in that match up between gdi+nod teams vs gdi+gdi teams much less significant today since players don´t have the possibility to practice together and then test their skills vs others team playing skills. When players switch team m8s every single game the factor of 2vs2 strategies and synk between team players disappears alot.


I know that there are new features in CnCnet client to preset teams and spots to simulate clan and team games but it is not the same if there is no ladder and clan system supporting it. This have always been a major part of TS and even though oldschool players come and visit CnCnet they rarely stay long and I think lack of what I described in this post is a big reason to it since all the best old memories high level players have from this game is from that kind of games that can only occur when there is a possibility to conduct competitive team games.


I hope I do not sound do needy towards the developing team @ CnCnet with this post but I wanted to express my sincere opinion regarding a subject that I think many more then myself care alot of.  :heady:



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