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2 TS ladders: ww and mod maps


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We've just pushed a change that should now allow for 2 separate TS ladders. Please test this out and let us know if you encounter any issues. Only new games going forward will appear in their appropriate ladder as previous games will not be moved. Hopefully we can find and resolve any issues before the start of the new month.


Mod games should show up here:



WW (official) games should continue to show up here:


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god this sexpro guy reminds me of when i was 13


Just reset the ranks when everything is sorted, still needs tweeks


Personally the 2 ladders arnt needed, however without a quickmatch I guess itll suffice




as for the "cantplay someone with 250 pt difference" obviously right now its sorta weird, and people like sexpro and kaizen are just sitting, but once ladder resets itll be a real test run, perhaps do only for the top 5-10 players?


we'll know when its reset i guess


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we havent seen the "250 point range" begin with a reset ladder, but implemented part way through the current month


Maybe it wont work? Maybe itll slow games down too much


Im saying this because the few times imm on, and someone has a tourny game open, im unable to play.


Not a bad thing as this is the point, but when sexpro, kaizen, etc are not online, no point playing a tourny

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with quickmatch you wont need a point matching system


the point of it is you get matched to whoever is on at the time, you may get vs a noob 5x in a row, or vs a pro 10x in a row...its random, and you cant dodge, and you cant play only 1 map over and over


cnc kw, sc2 etc have all noticed this and its why the ladders thrived and were cmpetitive

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[...] you get matched to whoever is on at the time, you may get vs a noob 5x in a row, or vs a pro 10x in a row...


The reason the 250 point threshold was implemented was due to the (numerous) complaint of newb bashing for easy points.


Perhaps a daily win limit against a given player would be more beneficial since this seems to work on other ladders?

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A limit not daily but per tournament cycle, against a given player?


The point limit I don't think is a bad thing. and would be better when in effect for the full tournament cycle,

playing those in your general class would help keep things challenging for both  the experienced and the newer players.

less dodging, as you would have to play those in your class to advance esp. at the end of the cycle.



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not everybody will be made happy, some are against quick match, some are against mods, some are this and that etc


Again...the 250 point limit was set in place part way through a month when players already achieved high points, the real test would be to reset the ladder and see from there.However someone who has say 6 wins and 0 losses with 1150 points,and rank like 10, im currently unable to play vs sexpro who happens to be only 8 ranks higher than me, but 300+ points more


This shouldnt be....its hard to find a median


Perhaps the top say 20 have to play the top 20? I dunno...just do some tweaks until we find something that makes the majority happy


Its clear where I stand...quickmatch (you have yet to confirm or deny if this is even a possible feature) if it isnt, then this idea is pointless.


It reduces all forms of dodging, 1 map wonders etc.


some players may not like it, just like some (myself included) dislike this old out of date ladder system.


On sc2 it tried to match you vs someone around your level, however if nobody was on , say a slow time of day, it would match you with the next available...sometimes I got matched vs noobs (I was high master league early on) or I got matched vs players 10x better than me, it happens, but its random, and thats the benefit

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Random thought...perhaps the idea of you must be active to hold rank?


lets say kaizen gets rank 1 with 1700 points by newb bashing, next place guy only has 1300, no challenge, kaizen sits for the est of the month.


Maybe players begin to lose a percentage of points over a certain period of time? or the higher rank you are the more games you must ply to keep rank?


dunno how to explain it..im sick and tired lol

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Great to see 2 ladders, thanks cncnet!


As for Wuss, great points on the ladder. We won't know how it works until it is reset next month, that's a given. I do believe quick match is the best option as everything is random.


As for your recent post Wuss, on staying active to retain rank. NHL 15/16 uses a division system. You start in Div 10 and you have to gain so many points in the first week to move to Div 9 (example 100 points). After that, you need X amounts of points in the next week to move into Div 8 (example 100 points) or X amount of points to remain in Div 9 (50 points), or you drop to Div 10. If you don't stay active and continue to gain points, you will eventually drop divisions. Obviously the better players are in Div 1 and can only play other players in Div 1...thus eliminating the newb bashing. It's a good system, not sure if it would work with TS, just shouting out ideas.

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I've learned to disregard any and everything that Wuss says. He is one of the single most annoying individuals I've ever interacted with. I think that the new ladder with mods/ww/firestorm being separated is awesome. That being said, I've been for a win limit against a player each day as it was in the past, against a point limit. The point limit will prohibit me from beating the #1 player if they ever stop dodging (talkin to u sexpro & kaizen). The old days it was 3-5 wins vs a player, the points stopped being exchanged after that. I favor that over the rest of this. and a QM feature that could be used as an OPTION if you WANT to (like you can switch between p2p and tunneled) might also help calm the likes of the few that want it. Obviously, I'm not running the team and dont know all the work that would be involved in such a feature thats not going to be used widespread, just a thought.



CNCNet team is bad ass for all their work. Thanks.

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