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All Good Things Come To An End


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Today (or yesterday to be more precise) "cncNetServer" pulled the plug on CnCNet.


The current cncNet server/service will be offline for the forseeable future.


Since the development is no longer in my hands, it lies on Irony to get it back up again.


If Tore could close this forum for the time being, and post this update on the main news; that would also be appreciated.


So, the person who barely have any time for CnCNet is left in charge...I see where this is going. :(


Well, it was good while is lasted, I really hope Irony comes up with a solution or else C&C95 online gaming is left in the dust yet again.

Well...we do have Westwood Chat and Hamachi...hmm

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Don't worry.


I've got a few ideas.


But yes, time's a bit of an issue for me atm.


Though we may be looking at cncnet being online again within a month or so.




And since it's an open source project now, if anyone's a decent programmer with udp/tcp network experience, they're more than welcome to join in.




(also sorry for the two week hiatus, I've been moving back into uni and I was on holiday for a week before that.)

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So then, there is no way in which to play cnc online anymore . . .  All I really wanted to do was get a 3 person LAN match running. Is there any way in whcih to get a LAN match working? I need instructions on that, because every time I lauch a 3 person match, the game crashes when the first person makes a move. Is port forwarding needed for a LAN match?

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