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We need your help to translate CnCNet


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In which time russian translation of hints would implemented in Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Dawn?


Russian.ini was just updated, the other hints take a couple more days since those actually don't support translations yet


Server List translation in russian, just for cause!


That list can't be translated :D


The only thing left is the dune 2000 config program if you like to translate some more:


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Ok Dune 2000 Config is done!

But how to translate starting phrases:"Looking up your hostname, checking ident etc.


cool, thanks!


A few things like the ones in your example are sent by the server that's why we cannot translate them


After some testing im done little editing work.

Thanks for Russian update!


got it



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Im editing Harvester Truce option translation in TS, and Separate helipad option in TD, thanks for Timmay and Luca for advices.


It is all updated now, including hints! thanks again


I made a new red alert config program the other day, if you like you can translate it too


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