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Sole Survivor still lives!


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I got an interesting email today.


Greetings Sole Survivor Alumni!

It’s a great honor to address all of you. My apologies for the mass email, however we have some very important news to pass along. As all of you are aware, the Sole Survivor Community is making a triumphant comeback. With the rebirth of a makeshift SS message board (and an official website soon to follow www.cncsolesurvivor.com) and ideas of resurrecting the video game, we have moved onto the next phase of our goal. Decoding and making the game live. Over the past several months, many people including GoldEye, VexAngel, and Myg have headed investigative decoding. Coordinating this project is PhazerX and GunSm0ke. They have painstakingly researched the legalities of copying the game as well as contacting EA and other Industrial programming companies to aide with engineering process.

Over the past few months, many hours were spent working on deciphering the SS code. A server was created and actually worked with the game. However, many obstacles still remain. These obstacles require much time and effort to the point where “free time” from these guys surpassed any functionality to make the game live. As you can imagine, burnout set in and a lull fell over the project. With that in mind, we are seeking professional help from development teams to help with “reverse engineering” the server. This is the best way to preserve the game we love as opposed to cloning the game, which is never perfect. Regardless, all this work is intense and costs money.


Starting immediately, we are accepting donations to help fund this project. We don’t have a set goal, but we do know that we need to collect at least $5,000. I have set up a PayPal account and put in my share of $100. With over 100 people who have signed up for the message board, this should not be difficult to achieve. Please consider any amount to help us get this game back online. All will donations be considered generous! As funds come in, I will be keeping records of those who donate. Weekly letters will be sent out with listed names and news updates. Once the programming is complete, we intend to test the servers and work out any bugs. Once that game is playable, our favorite leagues will be constructed! (ie. SL & 6man) If you know of someone who played Sole Survivor, please be sure to forward this letter to them!




Thank you very much, and hope to see you on the field soon!










“The best offense, is a strong defense” – Flame Tank




Please make PayPal payments to: [email protected]




Checks also accepted:


Andrew Schwartz, c/o Sole Survivor Donations


204 Center Street, Unit #5


Pembroke, MA 02359




I've always supported this project and I hope to see sole survivor becoming playable some time in the future.


For those who have no idea what this is about:

The Sole Survivor Revival Project is a fan made project which is trying to find ways to play sole survivor online.

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I think this post should be deleted the site hasent even came back up or any word from anybody not even people on ss chat on wwchat to even make an attempt to put the site or the game online it sounds like a scam to get people to donate something. XD

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