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Cncnet.exe infected with SONAR.Heuristic.139 virus?



I've been playing on cncnet for several months, both tib sun and tib dawn, but suddenly today when I tried to log on, my antivirus software quarantined the *.exe file saying it was infected with SONAR.Heuristic.139.  The gui to play the game, go to settings, skirmish etc popped up, but it got quarantined right after the server finished automatically updating.  I understand this could be a "user issue" but I've tried multiple times to re-download and I'm a careful internet user - never had a serious virus issue that required a cpu reformat in over 10 years.


I feel it's something in the file itself when it's created from the installer or something that happens when the server is doing it's automatic updating.


I've had no problems with my anti-virus software before effecting speed or capability playing.  I really don't want to turn it off.  Has anyone else had this problem?



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I used to use Norton, but from cncnet, all I ever got was that "ws.reputation" thing (which only meant that the file hasn't been used by many users yet). I've been using Avira now for the past 6 months or so; it's free and so far have been just as good, maybe even better because my pc boots up faster (I've really gotta get a SSD) and nowhere near as many false-positives.

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