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This Mod uses never before seen visual effects with Pixel Shader 2.0

which includes Bloom Effects and detailed shadows, along with dynamic

fog and sunlight effects.


New terrain textures along with new high quality shrubbery, waterfalls, and various other

nature props create beautiful realistic natural scenes in the in-game maps.


New environmental hazards which include terrain obscuring fog, volcanoes with lava

that can destroy your forces if they get too close, and deadly Tiberian

based monsters such as Visceroids and Tiberium Ground Vein Monsters which can attack

your forces randomly.


Most of the maps, models, model skins, and particle effects have been totally

replaced or improved with stunning new details not seen in most C&C Generals Mods.

This includes fully 3D animating wheels and treads on vehicle models, enhanced shadowing,

enhanced sun/moon lighting effects, reflective water, dynamic fog and weather

effects, new terrain, bump mapped textures, and much much more!


Audio details have been improved with new sounds and effects.


The in-game user interface has been updated with new textures and also

includes new text fonts, team/player color selections, and mouse cursors.


Over 40 all new skirmish/multiplayer maps made by both our development team

and by various members of the C&C Community! This brings the grand total to

consist of over 120 Skirmish/Multiplayer maps!


The Basic Power Plant can now be directly upgraded to an Advanced Power Plant.


The Skirmish AI has been given a huge overhaul for all the playable sides with

more dynamic tactics and responses which include ambushing and retreating.


EASY AI: Builds only a few defenses, builds small strike forces and rushes bases

often with inadequate forces.


MEDIUM AI: Concentrates on heavy defenses and heavy weapon strikes while devising

several small ambush and harassment teams in a more coordinated manner.


HARD AI: Starts out as mostly a turtler and builds a considerable amount of defenses

around its base and around important areas of the map while assembling small strike

teams to guard these areas, It also likes to utilize Air Power and Superweapons frequently

(when available), and prefers to build up a large strike force that is designed to overrun

an enemy base easily.


In order to resolve AI issues with the Conyard built Tiberium Refinery that disabled the

Harvesters ability to automatically collect Tiberium and return it to the Refinery,

the Harvesters will no longer be automatically spawned to harvest Tiberium. There is now

a button available at the Refinery that you can click on to spawn the Harvester.

NOTE: If you forget to deploy the harvester you may recieve a EVA notification about it.

Strangely enough, if you build a Tiberium Refinery using the MCV as a Dozer, the bug does

not occur.


The Nod Black Hand has a new vehicle known simply as the "Microwave Tank".

This experimental vehicle shoots a powerful microwave beam that cooks infantry and it can

also disable vehicles and buildings while doing a small amount of damage to them.


GDI's Task Force Talon Special Forces Unit has a new base defense, the "Vulcan Turret".

This is a Beta to the Component Tower Vulcan Cannon Turret well known in Tiberian Sun.

It is useful for taking out infantry, light vehicles, and even aircraft.


Several other small graphical, coding, and scripting bugs from version 1.2 have been fixed,

while several Skirmish/Multiplayer maps and the 18 singleplayer missions have also been improved.



SPECIAL NOTE: If you have not figured out how the Conyard System works you will have to click

on a button specifically labeled "Activate Conyard System" in the Conyard menu to activate it.

The deployment buttons are simply labeled "Deploy Conyard" (found in the MCV build menu) and

"Undeploy Conyard" (found in the Conyard build menu). Use caution however as you can

"suicide" your forces in a Skirmish/Multiplayer game by clicking "Undeploy Conyard"

with no other buildings constructed. Doing this will end the game in defeat for you!

This is a scripting issue that could not be resolved.









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