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Your top 10 favorite players all time?


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This doesn't have to be your top 10 in terms of skill ...but who do you like playing against or versus?


No real order:


Dachschaf - easily one of my favorite players to watch play and to play against. Imo just happens to be the best player of all time .


Megaf0rce - always fun to watch him 1vs1 other top tier players with his more relaxed by the book view of the game and 2v2 one of the few allies you can always count on.


Kapa371 - I've always been a 1vs1 player more than 2v2 and irs fun to really challenge yourself versus a powerhouse like kapa.


F1ref0x - Easily one of the best gdi or nod players of all time.


Ray101284 - Helped me become the player I am today . Very strong in all aspects if the game gdi or nod. I love his 1vs1


Xistentz  - For a few years in the mid 2000s he was one of the best 1vs1 rushers of all time imo. Great rush ability.


Carnage - over the past few years one of the few people I can rely on for a good 1vs1 game.  Plays random like me. Elite with both. Always unpredictable which I like. 2v2 we don't even need to speak to win most games .


Aphrodlte - personally 1vs1 I never had much of an issue vs dlte. But watching him 1vs1 others and 2v2 he was a fun guy to watch. Very innovative . I personally enjoy the unpredictable.


Tight4lfe - one of my greatest buds on ts. Had the pleasure of meeting him in person and kicking it at his house for a week or so. One of the best 2v2. And he never 1vs1 but good 1vs1 .


Cambria - probably the only long term 2v2 partner I ever had . We paired up one time during an an anonymous 3 clan cnc gamer tourney (sesso, droghe  and whatever the 3rd was) didn't even know who each other were as it was anonymous shared log tournie. Our clan one and we found out later who each of us were and the high profile teams we beat and later teamed up and we're damn near unstoppable with little communication . One of the few times I've really enjoyed 2v2 over 1vs1


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Most modders ate pleasant to play with the community is a much nicer environment . Pro lobbies just filled with people shouting at each other for not being perfect or banning people Coz they don't recognise their username. There are a handful of pros who are nice to play with and will help u but at the moment I can't think of their names :-p

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