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1v1 / 2v2 Tournies?


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Anyone have suggestions on how to go about setting up game times or ensuring everyone is able to play each other?


In the past it has been miserable trying to get the games played in a timely matter...

thats what she said  :O

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make both players choose a minimum of 3 different times at least 2 hours apart then make them talk about it and pick a good time.


If you have lots of players you could get them all to submit there 3 available times and match them up with other players who have the same availability for the lower brackets


but then you also need to get it all in one time zone which would be annoying to do manually like you could ask for there times and time zone then you work it out or you could make a form to do that work for you etc.


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A. NUMBER OF PLAYERS- unless there is a high enough number of players participating, there won't be any interest. added to that the fact that some of the players that would want to participate are afraid that there would be no point in entering because one of the better players will just win anyway. To avoid that, there should be multiple maps played and/or a 2v2 or 3v3 tournament with teams of one good player, one average player, and a newer player having to work together or something similar.


B. INCENTIVE- nobody will want to play unless there is a prize of some sort, even $10 or something would make people want to play a tournament on a free game.


C. AVAILABILITY- because players are from different time zones, the tournament organizer would have to be vigilant at keeping the times coordinated or figuring out when different players are online at the same time. This could be done by having players submit the times during the week that they will be on ts, and from there the tournament organizer will set the times and make sure players remember/adhere to their scheduled game times.


D. MARKETING- if nobody knows about the tournament, nobody will be interested. Also assuring fairness as far as evenly balanced teams and multiple maps (including some mods) will incite interest among all sorts of players. Having a few people as designated observers will prevent people from lying about wins, and they can also record the games or take screenshots throughout.


E. DEDICATED ORGANIZER- if the team organizing the tournament decides one day that the tournament isn't worth their time/effort, it is failed from the start. Not only will those responsible for organizing it need to be committed to ensuring that the tournament is finished, they need to ensure that the players will finish it as well, even if it means disqualifying players that go missing or end up not playing their games.

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Good ideas guys.


There will absolutely be a surprisingly large cash prize, that is if we get enough players to make it worth while.


Maybe it would just be easiest to wait until clan system is out, and award prizes to the top 3 clans (on select WW maps, like Terraces, FF, etc. etc.)

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This type of stuff tho good, will be very difficult to pull off unless there is some kind of phenomanol spiritual awakening or something...cash prizes are the opposite of an answer to that unless organizer is looking to buy something else...motive check

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I don't need any incentive to organize this other than my love for TS :)  The money is to get attention from the player base  :tibsun:


What I am thinking is to have a tiered prize system based on the activity rate.  So, with only 4 clans are competing then the prizes will be very small.  If we manage to get maybe 10-20 active clans competing, maybe have a very large prize.


I was thinking it would be cool to have at least one large event like this a year that draws the attention of a lot of players that come and go... once a year where TS community gets together for the competition.


Maybe in 2v2 clan competition first place could win 250$ to split, second place get 150$ to split, and third place gets 50$ to split, or something similar.

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Thank you for your contribution once a gain mate.  We are getting somewhere now.


Fund deez nutz, & set up a yuppy beauty pagent or something...trying to set up a long ass, complicated do-hickey on a pirate ship with its timbers constantly getting shivered XD

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