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Finally, map rendering.


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Progress has finally reached the point where the engine can draw the map. This shot shows the starting point of the first allied mission, though it doesn't yet draw units, overlay or terrain objects. Hopefully progress on those will be much quicker now that we've reached this point.


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I've been trying to report something around once a month to let people know this is still being worked on, but progress has all been on implementing the guts of the map loading, distance calculating and such which is all a prerequisite to having it draw. Its been a lot of work, but not a lot of pretty pictures showing any progress.

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Yes getting map drawing working requires A LOT of underlying logic. Really amazing you guys are so far already. Getting map drawing working is a MAJOR milestone. The next major milestone is getting player logic working (so you can play a multiplayer game with one player). Which woud just mean having a player be able to build buildings from sidebar. Afterwards infantry then vehicles then naval and planes.

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