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Any RPG style maps?

Milkey Wilkey

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Is there any? Like crash rpg for starcraft, where you wander around with a single unit. Doesn't matter for what cnc, but ra2 or ts is preffered

This would be cool to play, I'm sure theres some maps around like this.

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Sounds nice, but i guess no one made that because its probably impossible ? or hard?  :roll:

actually, this is very possible. for unit progression you can rank it up two times, then just give another unit and repeat. for bying stuff there is lots of options, like constructing buildings or capturing em. you can even use engies like a money having sertain buildings to have more engies to capture or having a wall of buildings, that you can capture only in order. again, buying an ability will replace your unit with a special version of it with that special. there is a lot more that can be done.

or, say, buing an outpost will give you airstrike. pretty easy

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