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New Map! Tectonic Plates(3-6)


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I finally got a picture for this map. This map took me a very long time to make and i put a lot of effort into it. The goal was to make a 2v2 ra2 map that would be equal in no matter what spots that the teams were spawned in, and that would give you a different game every time. This slowly turned into a 3v3 type of map near the end LvR. but here is the image


What do you guys think???292172905_TectonicPlatesbyALaRm2202.thumb.jpg.7046c499f1b02b9476a557f128fed7fe.jpg


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On 7/31/2018 at 9:43 PM, a1nthony said:

Im thinking about sponsoring a 1v1 tournament on this map. With prizes of course... would anyone be interested?

I'm not sure using that kind of incentive to have people play your map is the most scrupulous idea.

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