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Command & Conquer "Community Plays!"


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So, as many of you are aware, I've been recording games with live commentary and uploading them to youtube for your viewing pleasure.




I've been thinking of expanding the idea a bit, bringing a bit more community interaction to the channel.

The idea is that people can post their idea for a video; things like:

-A strategy

-Game settings

-A challenge


Just whatever people can think up. I think it'd be funny, if nothing else.

Feel free to post any thoughts below. If I get enough good ideas, I'll write them up onto paper and put them into a hat and draw stuff out at random! :D


GLHF commander!

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Well, this would only work well with skill based challenges. Because crates are kinda a luck factor. So, no 0 credits with crates on and then some starting units. That would be over waaay to soon. But here 3 suggestions:


Big Gamble

[starting credits: 2300] + [No crates] + [separate Helipad]

Fact: Depending on the map and knowledge of the map. The strategies are still very diverse, but on an absolute minimum.

Infantry rush is possible (except high tib maps)

Heli rush is possible (especially on 1v1 maps)

And of course the basic build up is possible. Which might be still the most rewarding strategy for the biggest or most chaotic designed maps.


Crate War

[starting credits: ????] + [Crates!] + [starting units: can make a difference]

Fact: The map has no tiberium to begin with. Maybe, just maybe, one blossomtree? But that's it. I guess, one needs to be cr(e)ated for this.

Choice: Starting units can make a difference in starting speed.


Twin Single

[starting credits: 10000] + [No crates]

Fact: Both players have the same race, and only 1 unit is allowed.

Choice: Any defence, is, or is not, an option.

Exception: I wonder how NOD vs GDI goes with this one when only APC's or MRLS are allowed :D. It would be a matter of defences, if allowed, here. And the speed in teching of course.

Choice: Super weapons, are, or are not, an option.

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Yes, I've played like this before :D It's more or less the same, but you can either gamble by going strait into refs, or try and do a more early pressure. It can make for some hectic games, though xD


For the crate one, are you talking about the special crate maps?


It's certainly trickier if I have to convince my opponent to do stuff too, haha. But maybe I could talk Ferret into it! xD

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Wait, there is a crate map for TD as well? I thought that only RA had this. The best ones are those without resources. Thus, only money is through crates.


Thought of 2 more.


Tower Offence

Kinda like the "Twin Single" Well, this one is very hard for unskilled players. And clearly, I too loose this when it occurs in normal games. I don't click fast enough for that.

You may only build defence towers for offence. Further, MCV are allowed to expand or speed up the process of building.

NOD vs NOD, NOD vs GDI and GDI vs GDI are possible. Any defence is allowed. Not that SAM's are needed.

Super weapons, is it fair to use them?


Power Overwhelming

Ok, this idea is stupid. But fun for 1 round. Just set the starting money to.... whatever.

The ONLY WAY to get rifle infantry is... Power Plant, sell it, Power Plant, sell it. ETC.

Best to have no tiberium on this map.

Crates? Perhaps modifying an existing crate map. That the things you can build is only power plants.

Sure, sure, why not have barracks and amass the infantry?! I would say, noooo barracks allowed.


Just let me know which one you like most. And who knows, who else knows of a good match with restrictions.

Out of idea's now.

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So, with these ones I'll have to find an opponent willing to play the restrictions as well, hm, I'd been more leaning towards doing it almost secretly. So like, I'm doing something but my opponent doesn't know that I'm doing it. etc


These could be cool to. I haven't tried many of them before, so I'm pretty much keen for anything xD

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TD doesn't lend itself for games like. Try to beat an opponent with MRLS only and stuff. Since there is no good fog of war.


There are plenty of SC2 challenge video's regarding this. Like having only ghosts. Or annoy an enemy the heck out of until draw. :D

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Yeah, for sure. Some challenges would be impossible. Like MRLS only.

I think there could be some that might make for interesting game, though.

Maybe I should come up with some challenges that I think I could maybe pull off and then make videos for them, IDK.

It depends upon opponents, also.

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Well, I'd probably cast games if I could just spectate. But I'd do 1v1 games, as they're more paced and you can break them down in a more interesting way.


Still, I think people got the wrong end of the stick with this one. I'm not controlling my opponent, just myself.

Unless I do game settings, but that's different.

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With Red Alert, you can do spectate. And see them all. If one of the players "cheats". Then it is GG, no saved video.


Is it possible to give TD a spectater mode, without all the trouble in waiting and dying on purpose etc?

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