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"Fix" for streched videos


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Currently, the video are in their original 4:3 aspect ration and as a result get stretched to 16:9 - which I'm sure is what 90% of all players use nowadays.


I don't think Generals/SAGE likes actual 16:9 videos (or does it?), so would it be possible to add black bars at the side, then squish the videos back to 4:3 and have the game stretch it back to the correct aspect ratio?

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Note that the original aspect ratio of the videos isn't 4:3, by the way. They're videos that are supposed to be played in a 320x200 frame and then resized to 4:3. But the actual vids aren't 320x200, they're usually 320x156. So just resizing them to 320x240 stretches them far too much.


Quite simply, the fix needed for them is resizing their height to 6/5.


I've experimented with the PSX videos for the C&C3 mod, and they're already in correct 4:3. They also have slightly better colour quality due to being converted from the original material without 256-colour reduction, but sadly this is somewhat compensated by the fact they use mpeg compression, which has a notorious tendency to fade red colours, which is quite visible in making faces look a bit yellow-ish..

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