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Westwood Online (WOL) Clan Manager Website (?Got Material?)


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Unfortunately, I do not have SS's of the clan webpages (which were absolutely AWESOME by the way). I remember looking through clans and all the names in them and their logos and thought that it was such a cool thing.


I do have SS's of old westwood clan ladders and westwood online lobbies.

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Great I feel confident that you guys will sort this out. Humble and Mr12345 are the perfect guys to solve this. Keep working on it and please don´t go on any vacations until you are finished. I am gonna take some vacation myself now, will be away for 3 weeks relaxing in Aruba. :cncsmirk: When I am back I expect that you guys have created a perfect clone of both the old WOL clan ladder point system and the old WOL clan manager website.  :D I know you guys can do it as long as you collaborate.


Btw you guys wan´t me to buy you anything for from the taxfree shop?



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All credit will go to Tahj, Grant, Funky, Xme, Etc.!!!!!!!  12345 and I are nobodies!



Hmmmm I see, so that is how it is..  :huh:


I might have to buy a bottle of Gin in the tax free shop for all them guys then.. They will have to obtain some tonic with that themselves though..

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another shot of the clan ladder system. These two SS's were some of the very last months that YR WOL had a clan ladder system that was legit (and not taking over by hacks, although these two months featured many cheats around)


thats awesome Prep..IC0NZ was my clan also with a few members from AUF that month we got rank 1

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Old SS from a mate!

In october *LFY* was also us !

I have good remember of  OM3RTA (they were not the best, but very good and played alot, all games/maps/spot etc).

3ZGG i had very good game vs them, i think desolator was in this clan (no?), and we had very hard battle on DP 1on1 / CS 2on2!

LEG3ND reminds me something but can't know exactly...


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