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Short about the upcoming 1.06c update for C&C95


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Nyerguds has been working on 1.06c a lot in the past months and has worked up a large changelog. The most notable change is the removal of the funpark mode. The Dinosaur missions will get their own link in the New Missions menu using 1.06c's all new mini-campaign system. This also means that mini campaigns with up to 10 missions can now be created!


Parts of the changelog that are of particular interest:

  • Added numbers before the multiplayer game mode, so people see there are 4 of them (for example: "[2/4] Capture The Flag")
  • Fixed the firing sound of the SAM site
  • The steel crate pickup animation now plays for both sides
  • The computer opponent can no longer capture your Advanced Communications Center
  • The Advanced Communications Center is no longer capturable in multiplayer games
  • Dinosaur campaigns added as two mini-campaigns (one for GDI, one for Nod), and put at the top of the New Missions list
  • Mission-specific house colour changes, controlled with ini keys in the mission file


There are a lot more changes in 1.06c; those listed are just a few I thought people might be interested in. Read the full changelog here.

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no, it was actually done intentionally... not a clue why. It looks odd how it just disappears for GDI.


Can't you knock the Nod EVA thing off the list? :P

What do you mean? It'd only be a modding feature anyway... I'm not making any changes to the original game that aren't fixes.

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Judging by how some of the ideas for TD that did not go beyond concept sketches or videos were later implemented in TS, I guess the principle of the EMP weapon was akin to its namesake in TS.


As for Nod EVA, I think the voice announcements could be "borrowed" from Renegade ;)

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