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Okay ladies, I made this topic to post and show all my C&C1 maps in. I will eventually gather them up and release them as a single (or multiple) pack once I get enough of them done ;). Oh, and feel free to comment, that's the second reason this topic exists :D


Anyway, here's my latest creation; The Oasis (4 players max., download below). A few words to describe the map:

"This hot, barren desert in the heart of Africa is what every commander should avoid. However, since Tiberium has appeared from all directions to leech the region rich of precious minerals, conflicts in this no-man's-land are unavoidable."




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Next one (still a WIP. Need to add trees and other doodads), Lift (6 players, name may change). This map puts 3 (or less) players against another 3 (or less). Basically top vs bottom. Who will prevail?




Next map will likely be a lot less symmetrical.


EDIT: Done, download below, and image updated.


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Moar. 3rd map is called Split Zone. It's a flat map for three players, and despite the first look it's actually quite balanced: The top- and bottom-right players pretty much mirror each other in terms of base building area, resources and accessability. However the third player is surrounded by rivers, which give more protection, but have a lot of choke points which may force this player out of the precious Tiberium fields. I'm eager to see how this map plays online (I may have to test it before including in the pack) :D




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I present you the Dead Six (6p):




This one's propably the most symmetric map I've ever made O_o It's nothing special, but it should provide some fun games online.


Can you guess what map it's based on? That particular map is one of my favourites from that game ;)

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  • 6 months later...

Update: Grab the maps right here. The pack includes:


  • Scm16ea - Oasis (4 players)
  • Scm17ea - Bitter Winter (6 players)
  • Scm18ea - Split Zone (3 players)
  • Scm19ea - Dead Hexagon (6 players)
  • Scm20ea - Parallel Duel (2 players) New!


Credit me if you want to edit and share them further. Otherwise, I'd be glad if these were added to the next multiplayer map pack (if such is to come?).


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As I mentioned in a few threads already, can you make sure to put a Players= key in the [basic] section of each map to indicate the number of players on the map? I'm planning on implementing a system to actually support that, so a multiplayer game can't start if there are too many players in it.

This is needed since, as long as the rules.ini setting is put on 6 players, the game will ALWAYS expect there to be 6 starting points. Since it first randomly picks 6 starting points (using duplicates if there aren't enough wapoints) and THEN randomly distributes the available players over them, having less than 6 starting positions creates a high chance of multiple players starting on the same waypoint, even if you play with the same amount of players as there are waypoints.


When a map contains the number of players, I can lower it just before the map is loaded, so the game only expects 3 starting points if you're playing on a 3-player map (for example).



Note that the Players= value should be set to the number of valid starting points, even if it's more than 6. The game's maximum is still 6, but it's useful information nonetheless, and who knows, it could be useful later. And this way, I can still use the rules.ini value to cap the maximum amount of allowed players.

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Actually, player 0 is closest to the south-eastern Tib field, and he can expand his base to the ridges (especially south-east) surrounding the starting point. I edited the map so that the north entrance to 0's base is now closed.


Or he can just rob the Tiberium from 5 :P



EDIT: Typo in previous post, I meant the top-left spot. Also updated pic.

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