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An Idea for a New Command&Conquer game


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Yesterday I was watching the recording of a couple livestreams on XPGamers channel where they were playing Planetside 2 and on the other stream, Star Wars Galaxies Emulator. They said at repeated intervals throughout the SWGEmu stream that they would love to see a modern MMORPG with the mechanics that were put in SWG such as non-combat professions and such. This got me thinking about what different universes could support this model of game and I was within hours stricken with a sense that I actually knew very few that could. The very obvious one being Star Wars, AGAIN, however there was already an extremely strong WoW-Clone that is currently going through a new storyline that I personally believe would be better as its own games as spiritual successors to the KoTOR franchise.


The next franchise that came to mind was Warhammer, but an immediate problem arose from this. I don't know almost jacksquat about Warhammer lore so I wouldn't have any idea how to fashion the game after that universe. The 3rd franchise that I realized Could do something like this is why I'm writing on this forum. There were a few other ideas and again I either ran into the same problem as with Warhammer or I just didn't feel it could be fashioned correctly without shortcuts that would make lore-experts feral (ESO, I'm looking at you). I have been an extremely avid fan of Command&Conquer for the majority of my life. I started playing this franchise before I was able to read. I am completely understanding that this will likely be extremely controversial to the greater fanbase however I personally believe this would create a new spark of life in the franchise.

As I stated in the title, this idea is a hybrid genre, but what the hell is a renegade 2? That's mainly my specifying my desire to revisit the First Tiberium War as I feel that it was the most interesting. Don't get me wrong, TW2 was great and all but there is more interesting experiments in combat tech in TW1, as well as (In my opinion) greater ability to create a superior "profession" system to SWG.


On to a question people might have. Where the hell does Planetside 2 come into this? Global Warfare based on Continents. However, right out of the gate there is a problem. Global Warfare based on continents doesn't exactly translate well alongside non-combat professions and peaceful blue-zones. I have a possible solution to this issue (I personally am not confident in it, but my hope is that this will get more gifted individuals thinking), instead of having the entire continent as combative, blue zones could be a type of control point, whoever controls it has a secure base to regroup in and such, however that may seem like an excruciatingly OP advantage, but there is a good reason for that. It's obvious to anyone that pays attention in the games that the blue zones are mostly (if not always) GDI controlled. The counters? 1: The Brotherhood of Nod has Lazarus technology. 2: The blue zones are an excellent way of creating a situation where non-combat professions could be extremely useful, whether that be an entertainer, a musician, a dancer, a doctor, a therapist (mostly joking about this one but its a fun what-if), or a Nod sympathizer gathering information about a battalion about to roll out to capture the outback yellow zone from Nod in Australia. Obviously since there would likely be an unbalanced number of blue zones on a continent there would have to be some type of compromise for the other faction. Well, I believe Star Wars Galaxies already AND Planetside 2 already have an answer for that. Player-made towns and bases. Yes there are problems with both of those, however I haven't thought about that specific aspect enough to articulate them or a prototypical fix to them. Obviously what this would also mean is that there would have to be attack lanes that follow a certain direction like in Planetside 2 aswell to keep the flow of the war. As I've implied, nowhere would be truly safe from the war, but it would require a very great effort to create a siege against a blue zone, this would be a grandiose battle that could have a significant impact on the game world.


That neatly brings me to my maybe-not-so-clever little tangent for the RTS purists. From a certain perspective, this idea would still be an RTS game, just with you being a grunt on the ground rather than the all-seeing eyeball mind controlling everyone #loominati Terrible jokes aside, I'm beginning to get to that point where the flow of my explanation of this idea is starting to unravel and I'm fearful of a choppy explanation being hard to follow so I will cut it off with a tl;dr. TL;DR: PlanetRenegadeGalaxies2 set in TW1

I would really love if people could help spread this idea around as well, a game like this has been something I've dreamed of since around 2011 and the underpopulated archaic setup of SWG doesn't really cut it in the modern world. There is far more to my idea that I've not discussed, and I would like to formulate a way to articulate those ideas before adding them to the thread. Purists please don't roast me for offending your delicate sensibilities toward the franchise.


Posted on other forums for wider discussion.

ORIGINAL POST: http://forum.alliances.commandandconquer.com/showthread.php?tid=49042


REDDIT POST: https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/5b8dg8/the_next_era_of_commandconquer_a_grandiose_genre/?st=iv4qdklk&sh=b6ce8785


Edit: Lmao I'm so sorry for the wall of text guys, Also sorry for not updating recently, had a lot of stuff going on. Anyways I hope the stuff is easier to read, sorry about that XD

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