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Drum Maphack in 2v2 game


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Game was on dry heat - Drum was bottom, I was right.


We allied before power plant placed.


He built his barracks and power plant to the left of MCV and built 1 dog and engi to bottom left oil derrick.

He then built his refinery on the right of MCV without scouting there. 100% shroud.

He then continued to build war factory above his barrack on the left into 90% shroud.



I purposefully didnt scout any of his area once i saw him placing buildings into shroud, then along came his next refinery on the right also - placed into more shroud where his miner didnt reveal as I watched him place it.


I don't have 100% proof as I am not going to film it on my phone or whatever, but just wanted to post as per request from neogrant.




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Also he could have gotten a crate on start and you didn't notice that crates were on or he could even have moved his MCV around before he allied. There's a lot of possibilities.


As a general rule CnCNet is a cheat free server. However it's impossible to guarantee a game to be 100 % cheat-free. Something can always slip through but they did a very good job blocking most cheats.



TBH, I've played players on XWIS who were suspicious as well like 'Wiganfc' who didn't even bother scouting until he picked up all my dogs game after game and then even started attacking me in for him unscouted terrain without sending a dog first or anything.



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