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Tiberian Sun Standalone NOCD. There's a Way??



Tiberian Sun is now free!, if you're an troll and do not know about that new read in: http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=791.0


Some Questions: What the difference between the TS Standalone (with forestorm installed) and the Free TS, launched by EA (Fuck up everything, yeah)?


There's a way to install TS with firestorm and aplly and kind of NOCD patch, wihout bugging the firestorm and wihout downloading the TFD patch or the Free TS?


tnx, pic.

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The one at EA is just copied straight from The First Decade and you had to run registry files to make the game work which caused a lot of confusion.


The one here at C&C Comm. Center automatically installs the registries and everything. Also with a couple extras such as a map editor. Etc.


And the one here at C&C Comm. Center should allow you to be able to run the game without any kind of CD.

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There are several ways to play with NoCD

If you have TFD or have downloaded the freeware version


If you have standalone TS you can; 1 move all needed files from CD in to the TS folder

and 2 download either the ETS patch (hyperpatch may also do it but i if you are playing online or lan i wouldnt recomend as there may be problems if every body has different exe) 

OR (if nobody has posted it i can upload it) the new freeware TS exe file



The only real difference between standalone TS and TFD is TFD has a NoCD patch


The only real difference between TFD and freeware TS is freeware TS also doesnt check for serial codes

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