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WIP - Dawn of Tomorrow Mini-Campaign


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Hey everybody!


I randomly started a mod-campaign recently, using a version of 1.06c that Nyer gave me when I made that WW map. I thought that I would randomly post some random screenshots. :laugh: It follows the story of one man's madness to a world-wide movement. The team is based of a mod I made for Dawn of War, so this is like a Genesis campaign. Anyway, pretty pictures.


Screen 1 is the intro for the first level. Creepy eh?


Screen 2 is level 3. This is a civilian base that you must use to take out the local vehicle base.


Screen 3 is level 4. With the stolen vehicles and uniforms, you attack Russia and destroy the local granaries. The US will get blamed for the attack. And I added Hell March as the music track for the level. XD


So what do you think people? :)




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How did you the Radar Logo? Since i need to convert the DOS edition to gold (making a C&C Skin). (it is a little stopped due school issue)


"Your Live ends when the vacation ends too" My brother (LOL)


It lookis to be a nice campaign!

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You can replace the radar logo in older versions, just by replacing one of the existing ones. I am not sure if you would need to replace the one in updatec or not (you don't in 1.06c) but that should be enough of a point in the right direction for you to figure things out.


The filenames are hradar.gdi, hradar.nod and hradar.jp.

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