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G Line





It seems that a g line is in effect that is blocking me from logging in to any of the game surge servers. Do you guys have any way of determining why?


This is an example of one of the errors -

(8) [12:23 PM] * ERROR :Closing Link: avan by Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net (G-lined)

(8) [12:23 PM] * Connection lost - Attempting to Reconnect...

(8) [12:23 PM] * Connection lost - Attempting to Reconnect...




I found a utility on the game surge website that "tells you why"-

1 G-line found for your host.


Expires: 01/08/2017 01:09:29 PM EST

Reason: AUTO Your IP address has been listed at EFnet RBL. Please use http://rbl.efnetrbl.org/?network=GameSurge&i= to get the listing removed.


But then efnetrbl says

my ip was not found active in the database.

Bans set on specific IRC servers are outside our control, so please contact the server/network staff directly for immediate ban removal.



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G- line?!

Most here have trouble finding just one spot!


Serial now. How about trying to get your IP refreshed? Either by making it unbanned. Or getting a new one by requesting your provider... one way or another.

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