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Immortalize your map! - UF and CnCSaga 3on3 Map Contest


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It's time to add some new map sizes to C&C4! Previous tournaments and votings have shown that 3on3 games are very popular. United-Forum.de and CnCSaga.de are therefor hosting a 3on3 map contest!


Because we would love to see these maps in the game, we’ll add good maps to the UF and ESL map pool. In addition EALA promised to promote and even consider good maps for a patch.


We will provide you with feedback / suggestions to help you to create the best maps, C&C4 ever saw.



The final version of your map has to be submitted no later than 22nd of June, 2010. The UF will host a 3on3 tournament on the 19th of June, which will be an optimal opportunity to test maps and get some feedback. Further details regarding the tournament will be available next week.



In order to participate, upload your maps either at United-Forum or CnCSaga.

You can submit your map at your preferred location and enter with an unlimited amount of maps. Please keep in mind that only the best map will win though – so you might want to submit one or two quality maps rather than a bunch of rushed attempts.


You can improve your work at any time and replace your submission during the entire contest. We would recommend to publish maps early in order to gather the respective community feedback.


  • United-Forum
    Create a new Thread in the sub forum C&C 4 Replays & Maps and upload your map in the first post.
  • CnCSaga
    Create a new Thread in the sub forum C&C 4 Maps and add your map in the first post.



The most important point is the maps playability. It should be fair and suitable for tournaments - please don't submit unbalanced fun maps.

Additionally we judge the maps overall impression and atmosphere. If you create a snowy map, there should be snow, ice ... - a map set in the red zone should spread the doomsday mood.


In order to achieve this, the players feedback is the key, because it takes some time to find mistakes or get an impression of the mood.


Here are some things your should NOT do

  • Maps with 99999 Tiberium at the start
  • Maps with randomized events
  • Maps with TKN near or in the spawning zone of the Nod/GDI


For all of you who want to start mapping now, check out this tutorial:

http://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.united-forum.de%2Freplays-and-maps-f993%2Fc-and-c4-worldbuilder-tutorial-97690 (Google's translation)




Drawing #1

1x Bad Company FlipFlops



Drawing #2 - #4

a Command and Conquer download key


Prizes for the winner:

Entry in the ESL map pool + United Forum map pool + more goodies (pins, stickers, t-shirts ....)



Prizes for the second-best:

Kane head + goodies (pins, stickers, t-shirts ....)





Basic condition for an inclusion in the respective map pool is a suitability for tournaments.

You have to reside in the dhl-zone-1 (basecially europe) in order to receive a price (sorry this is due to shipping costs). optical appearance of the prices can be differ from the posted pictures.


Supported by esl.pngea.pngeact.png

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Yes, what is this C&C4? Never heard of it :P


As for your post, I fixed your links as most of them were broken ;)


Thanks, i thought they were ok, but i didnt checked it.


I think you know C&C4 , but just in case, it is the latest C&C by EA, called Tiberium Twilight.

The one with the Crawler, that lost Basebuilding.

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it is the latest C&C by EA, called Tiberium Twilight.


They made another one? I've only heard of Tiberian Twilight! :P


The one with the Crawler, that lost Basebuilding.


A C&C game with no base building isn't a C&C game in my opinion. ;)


I think I brought this awkward joke a little too far....anyways welcome to the C&C fansite which has been lost in a temporal rift! (stupid Chronosphere)

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Some sites know it as 4, so maybe this will be better here ;)

Because of Tiberium Wars, i often call it Tiberium Twilight, but i also don't know the difference in the meaning of Tiberian and Tiberium.



If i didnt have the inability to map any sage game id have a go, i might try to make a map however CnC4 multiplayer just doesnt intrest me...

You can download and install the Worldbilder for free and i think there are some really good Tutorials, that will help you to Work with the Worldbuilder, like this:


There is also a lot of feedback regarding playability and atmosphere, so i think you didnt need to play it, if you didnt want, to participat (but sure, it will be harder).



Its funny, that C&C4 is the third EALA Game which is based on the RNA Engine. But you can call it also SAGE 2.0.



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The 4th UF C&C4 3on3 team tournament will take place on June, 19th 2010. During this event you’ll be able to see your maps during battle conditions and receive player feedback directly from the front


You’ll have 3 days to include this feedback into your final version (deadline: 22th of June).


In order to have your maps played during the tournament, you have to take the following into account:


  • hand in a first version of your map no later than the 13th of June
  • the map has to be playable, it shouldn’t be a “fun mapâ€.  In case there should be any further problems, we’ll contact you in time.


We’ll announce all maps for the tournament on the 13th of June. In case your map is not included, this does not mean that it can’t participate in the map contest. Still, you won’t be getting any tournament player’s feedback.

Tournament maps may be improved until the 18th of June. These improvements may not be any major changes though. We’ll use this version of your map for the tournament.

You may and should keep improving your map after this day, we just won’t be able to consider these changes for our tournament.

Good luck.

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Some sites know it as 4, so maybe this will be better here ;)

We're all joking, man. It's just that this site is more aimed at the classics (C&C1, RA1), so very few people here actually play (or like) C&C4.

I played it... didn't really like it though. But Apoc gave it to me for free, so I thought I should at least try it.


Because of Tiberium Wars, i often call it Tiberium Twilight, but i also don't know the difference in the meaning of Tiberian and Tiberium.

Read this, it explains:


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