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Problem installing aftermath and questions


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I got the freeware soviet + allied + counterstrike + aftermath isos from your site and installed the game and counterstrike on my xp system that i keep only for old games but i cant install aftermath its like the disk is corrupted even the read me txt file wont open and the iso is only around 40mb.



I found the aftermath iso in the abandonware site and its like 500mb how can this be possible?



Are those 4 isos ea gave the original disks or what im confused the isos from abandonware site are way larger in size.



Then theres the patch confusion for me i just want the latest official red alert version with the 2 expansions running without the cds in my xp...

I found 1.08 patch in the westwood ftp but also a site called raafraid or something has a 3.03 patch that is supposed to be official and they even got a nocd for 3.03.



What do i have to do in order to get what i want?

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Where do we have the counterstrike + aftermath isos? It's bigger than 40mb for sure.


Latest official version released by westwood is 2.0, you'll get that version when you install aftermath.


3.03 is the very latest they made, but it was never released. Was only a beta version they gave to testers

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No, that's a different site. But it's a legit site, we know these guys :)


CnCNet is all based on 3.03, we added a lot new features like pre-set alliances with humans or ai players, optional high resolution patch, crash fixes and much more.


With 2.0 we have very little to do, can't really help you with it...



Our full game installer can be found here in case you didn't know:


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How do i get 2.0 friend i see 1.08 patch only


2.0 is 1.08 + Aftermath


Counterstrike CD is 468.2 MB

Aftermath CD is 520.5 MB


If I remember correctly the CS and AM CD's include some of the videos from the RA CD's as they have some original missions so you can start either the Allies or Soviet campaign without changing CD. In addition they include some CD's quality music for playing in a stereo or music player.

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Looks like their 40mb am iso is corrupted then or ea gave a corrupted iso lol cause i transferred the 500mb cd from abandonware  to my xp pc and it works as it should i installed am and the game runs with this 2.0 version perfectly!


I dont need the nocd much but i would love to know which mix files should i copy from the 4 cds to my hd just incase i need a nocd in the future cause i tried the 2.0 nocd from raafraid and i dont see the expansion missions.


I know about the installer from here, after looking at how good the game looks in its original form i dont need any other patches i just wish i could have the expansion videos work like they do with your installer... any way to add those vids to my original 2.0 copy?

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Expansion videos are from Red Alert Retaliation the PS1 version of CS and AM. Nyerguds made a pack for the PC called "The Lost Files" which contains them.




and btw EA themselves forgot to upload CS and AM. I wonder why CnCNZ are serving a corrupted AM ISO though.

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