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How Often do 4+ Player Games Not Load/Connect for You?


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I am posting this to get opinions based on connectivity.


I love this game and love playing good games on CNCNet with all different types of players. However, I have noticed that I catch myself swearing up and down the walls as I try painstakingly to get a game of 6-8 players at certain times. During the busier times I can get good working games within anywhere from 2-30 minutes. When it's not so busy, it could take an hour + to get a good game with 6-8 players.


The problem usually is the connection. I am talking about when games do not load, recon errors occur in first 30 seconds, game crashes, etc. These types of occurrences can make me good mad. You work hard, collect 5 other decent players over 5-10 minutes of trying and then the game doesn't connect and 3 of them leave.


Just now, over the past hour, I had 5-7 games not connect or get a recon error immediately (2 of them reconned). I had 1 game work well and another game worked... but it ended up being 3on1 (me being the 1 vs 3 other good players as my 2 teammates sucked, can't really hold that against the server/game).


So roughly 3 out of 4 games did not work for me. This seems a bit high, but in general, roughly 50% of the time, the game does not connect UNLESS I know everybody in the room/friends.


So how often do you have problems connecting? IS this a server issue or?

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These things seem to come in waves...


Not sure if its a server issue, but there have been times where every single game on just the near ore far map reconned at the start of the game for like 10 games straight.. then no recon for like 7 months and now randomly there were a few.

I dont really know why it happens but going off of experience, it usually comes in waves and goes as well..

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i didn't play for 2 months or so bcuz of such things most of the time when i join a game i see D.C screen after 10 sec or so into the game i had high hopes that it would be fixed but apparently it's not till now ik i don't have issue bcuz YR isn't the only game i play i play lots of other games and i have 0 issues in there so i hope this would be fixed soon

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So, do we think this is due to the server or is it due to the probability of having one bad egg being higher when we have games with 6+ players?


It seems to be more of a server issue, which makes more sense to me.


If that's the case, that is rather unfortunate. It is not worth spending an hour to get one good game that may last 8-12 minutes.

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