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Mouse problem - units deselect themselves


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Is it normal that when I click fast units get deselected? I need to click like one in maybe two seconds (or like 1.5 second) otherwise units get deselected.


I am using Tiberian Sun single player campaign installer - TSinstaller3-beta11r6.exe.

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3 hours ago, FunkyFr3sh said:

What game installation do you have?

I had the one downloaded from cncnet's Download option. I just installed Tiberian Sun Client by Rampastring, which seemingly added those features, the game works superb now, oddly. So, problem solved for me at least :).

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23 hours ago, Fore_TS said:

How can I get this? I want to disable the Edge Scrolling but I see no such option anywhere? The game lags and is unplayable for me unless I can remove this feature.

By running TSConfig.exe after patching your installation of Tiberian Sun with this. It will also allow you to change your renderer to something more functional.

Rampastring's TS client is good and all, but it modifies the game itself in such a way that it isn't compatible with the standard TS.

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