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Command & Conquer: winDOwS mod!


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Command & Conquer winDOwS mod!

----------------------------- v1.2


This mod changes the graphical style of C&C95 to that of DOS C&C. It is

created by pichorra, and does not have any warranties. Also thanks to

Nyerguds for explaining things, and for adding the language compatibility.


Version: 1.2

Creator: pichorra

Game: Command & Conquer for Windows 95 (gold, Tiberian Dawn)

Version of the game needed: v1.06c or higher



-Extract all files to C&C95 folder (default C:\WESTWOOD\C&C95)

-Open the file CONQUER.INI, and find the [ModControl] section.

-Set the ModName option to 'dosmod':





-Save and exit. It's not so hard at all, is it?



Supported languages:

English, French, German, Spanish (addon), British (addon).


It is compatible with CnCNet! No "Out of sync" errors will happens!



1°- Green fonts in money, "Options" and "Sidebar" of all language (they should be white) - Iran got a way to make it white, see the second page of the topic. I will probably make a patch for it, since there seems to be a lot of C&C95 .exes around due CnCNet

2°- Icons of buildings, units and infantry are always yellow (the remapping logic is totally messed up, I will need to figure out how to fix it)



Download: Here


Note: You need WinRAR, 7Zip or Winzip (in windows) to extract those files.









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I even think I could make the mod be multi-language... without any changes to the modding system :)


Basically this would just mean adding it as mod, but letting the mod mixfile contain the orignally named files for all languages (the ini file, the strings file, the UI files). Still gotta figure out if all details would work though...

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Nostalgia :,)


Would be even better if someone could convert the menu and the sidebar to the way they were in PS1! I'll never forget how scrolling the icons produced the "steel gate closing/lay down building" sound :)


I dont know if it is possible, AFIK, sidebars and Radar are not in 8-bits collor in PS1, Saturn, and N64.

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Here... new version is done. This one simply has all the language inis and strings files inside the mod mixfile, meaning you can have the mod enabled in ModControl in conquer.ini, and can change languages without any problems. It currently supports all 4 official languages.


Because the icon mixfile pattern (????idos.mix) is specified in the mod ini file (dosmod.ini), it overrides any language setting, so no matter what language you choose it'll always show the DOS icons, even for language addons that aren't specifically supported in the DOS mod ;)


To enable it, simply set the permanent mod status in conquer.ini:





Pic, I suggest you take a look through the files to see exactly how I've done it ;)

Note that for languages besides the originals, you don't need to include the language ini; I just had to do that to make it override the strings files, since the original conquer.eng/ger/fre are in cclocal.mix, which has highest priority and can't be overridden. so I changed them to conquer._en/_ge/_fr to solve this. But for Spanish, you can just add "conquer.spa": since the mod mixfile is read before the language mixfile, the one in the mod mixfile will be used ;)


I think that in a next version I'll add the string-changes-read-from-an-ini-file system to the normal language inis too, to allow mods with multi-language support without the need to give them the full strings file to override.




Support for the Spanish and British language addons is added :)


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Oho! no problem, i was thinking to ask to you to upload it in your website, but, you already did it, so, no problem!


I was revising your changes in that, it is ok, i'm editing the first post.




Edited, Updated: 11/21/2010 at 00:31 AM, please download it again.




-Now it works with all languages

-No needs anymore to mess up mix files to install and unnistall it

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  • 1 month later...

I've uploaded v1.2. In this version, the ingame top bar font is more readable by replacing it by the non-fading variant. It's still green though, but that can't be helped. Not until I figure out how all of that font stuff works and maybe make some UI colour controls in rules.ini, anyway :P


The download location is still the same.

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  • 11 months later...

The remapping function is still referenced from the icon loading function... a lot of DOS C&C code is in C&C95, but disabled after it checked that the screen resolution is bigger than 320x200. So maybe it's not that hard to enable.


I have to make sure it doesn't just load the actual small DOS icons though :P

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  • 1 month later...
  • 2 weeks later...

...holy crap, those are real! That's amazing! I've never seen that before!


At first I thought they were fake, but comparing that that forest02 pic with this official C&C Gold screenshot, it HAS to be real, since WW never released that map.


Pity the radar minimap is zoomed in though; I've always wondered what the whole map looked like, since it's not an existing campaign or multiplayer map :-\


Those are some beautiful icons though. Wish I could get my hands on those.

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Wow, those are some awesome screenies! :) I wonder how and were they were released initially.


Could this actually be the screenshots for/from the Mac version (Mac games generally used higher resolution graphics)?


[Edit] I've checked the site and haven't found any info on those screenshots so far.

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