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Chief's Map Workshop


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Steppes of War

  • Replaced the trees in the tiberium to their correct type of tree
  • Made it look prettier

Adjacent Battles

  • Xel'Naga Caverns has been renamed to "Adjacent Battles"


  • All images have been reformatted to a .jpeg format making them easier to quickly view
  • All images are now hosted on imgur instead of ImageShack because not all countries can view images on ImageShack; you're welcome Pichorra

All Maps

  • Map names representing the amount of players that can be on that map has been removed since it's now redundant from Nyerguds's latest patch (example: "Baller Crawler Map (6P)")


  • New map bitch, go play it

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  • Replaced a couple of tiberium trees which were in the wrong position to a regular tree


  • 2-player map
  • Base-crawling is redundant
  • Offers a new style of play
  • New map, so go play that shit please


Special thanks to: Myg, Lovehandles, and Pichorra!

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If anyone has an idea for a map. Post some info on what you'd like to see be created!


If so, please post an image of an outline for a map.


I'm hesitant to make another map mainly because I don't even know if anyone still plays this game anymore. :D


If not. I could try to get myself familiar with the Tiberian Sun map editor and start a workshop for that game possibly, that is; if people were to play it. :)


Time to revive some things!

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I don't even know if anyone still plays this game anymore. :D


White Mr_Killt and I still play occasionally and make a Christmas map with snow there are hardly any snow maps.


Okay. Is there any specific way you would want it? Layout, tiberium amount etc.

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You still get a couple of regulars, a noob here and there and once in a while I can get one of the old heads to play.  Anyways a while back, I was checking out "impatience" by kilkakon http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=822.0 which is a map that consists of islands and encourages an air war.  That map just wasnt feasible so I've been trying to come up with a twist on that similar concept, but with no luck so far.  I even dumbed it down to a 2-player map, but it always ends in a stalemate. I don't know if thats just because TD's air units (mainly the chinook) are just too weak or what.  But anyways, thats the idea I've been toying with and maybe you could do better than me.  Here's some pics of my idea:



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I rarely play Tiberium Dawn but its good fun. (I need to mess about with my C&C95 files to get online working.)

What if you made some maps from Red Alert as well

(example off the top of my Head, Keep off the Grass and ummm... Treasure isle maybe?)

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