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Developer Looking for Teammates


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Howdy guys,

My name is Jarmo. I'm some 30-something network engineer that lives in the United States (Colorado). I have a dream of creating a spiritual successor to the game Command & Conquer Sole Survivor. I am currently working on a multiplayer wrapper for the Xenko game engine, I've got a month into netcode and hope to have most of the netcode ready by early 2018. I'd then be looking to put together a small team of guys who want to create a spiritual successor to Sole Survivor. If you didn't play this game in the C&C Universe you might have missed out, it was fantastic. I'm hoping to crowd source most of the sprites and 3d models. If you can link me up with people that'd be interested in contributing or a better hub for Sole Survivor that'd be awesome. I played this game as a we lad in AAA,  Penguins, and was in RABID for a minute too. Cheers


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Thanks. Do you guys know what other hubs are big for C&C? The shutdown of the IP was the worst thing ever but the community still loves C&C. Even if EA launches a reboot none of it compares to the Westwood era.

I'm finishing up a drive system based off C&C TD/RA path finding, trying to emulate the feel of those games. I'll post a video when I'm happy with it.

If you guys happen to check this thread again, I'm looking for a way to get easy feedback from people on fundamentals of the title that I'm working. Any ideas?

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Updating this thread with progress..

- Been adding some features and optimizing other things for performance.
- Started a map system.
- Fixed a bunch of camera nuances for smoothness.
- Added level height, currently two levels like the original C&C/RA.
- Moved to more of an isometric view, its now a 30/30.

Next things will be to:
- Put in more accurate ballistics for the artillery (sphere).
- Render elevation changes in the chassis, I think turrets will stay level to give it a C&C feel.
- Work more on map system.
- Start on Client Side Rendering Netcode.

Then I'll post a video and work on adding a tank from Kaskins.

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Really cool to see someone picking this up, I didn't see this.
Sounds cool...

I always thought that a team 'bases' mode would be cool in a game like this.
Basically, play somewhat like a match of renegade, but top down with all the original C&C units.

So, you'd work as a team to protect your harvester, while trying to destroy your opponents, build up some money and then everyone would become a unit to form a powerful composition. First team to take out the opposing base, wins.

Of course, before you can really ever get onto that, you'll have to get through the fundamentals of this project.

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