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Promoting A Path Beyond & Renegade dying...

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Hey my friends,

I think the Renegade MP is dead. There are only Maps were you kill each other CQB. Also, many servers require that you DL maps that as big as 300-900 MB! I mean, I'am forced to download a map with 950 [email protected],5 mbps?! Would it not better to use Mappacks instead?

And I know, most people that would have the same experience as in the early-2000s use RX. I played it myself a long time and I love it! But A Path Beyond and TS:Reborn suffer the same fate. Even they are more user friendly today. Just DL the w3d launcher from here, register your account and you gotta go! (I mean, TS:R can suck my dick but APB...:commando:) I mean, the most Players here play RA1. Why not try RA1 in 3D Renegade style?! ;)

Just a few concerns I wanted to share with ya fella's...


From a CnC player n lover since 1996! :tibsun:

P.S. Yes, this is an invite to Players play more APB! 

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The servs are up & fine... But my point was to ge more ppl into ABP! With more players, it would be just amazing! And I think the CNCNET Com would be the perfect target for it. Are playing RA1? Are you playing RX?`Or both? This is perfect for you! Anyway, good n8

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