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Help CNC Downloading unsuccessfully!


Ive downloaded the CNC Red Alert, and found Origin through this site so purchased the entire C&C's.  

Having trouble with downloading CNC Yuri Revenge / RA2 to play online with the Origin games but it keeps popping up with this error message saying everytime I try to download


[[    Yuri's Revenge has crashed. Error message:

Unable to load DLL 'd3d11.dlll': The specified module could not be found. 

(Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)      ]]


I've launched Yuri's revenge via Origin and works fine, tried again and failed. I've installed RA2 disc version on top of Origin's RA2 + Yuri double pack. 

No problem with CNC as playing online on the original C&C. 

Can someone help me please? As I've purchased all this because of wanting to play online just seems a waste of money if not,

Thanks in advance!


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2 answers to this question

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Can you update your video card drivers and make sure you have the latest Microsoft DirectX installed.

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I tried update my direct x 11 and video card driver but still not work.

message is : "the specified module could not be found"



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      My MO client sound doesn't work, It was working for me for 2 years but after I had changed my windows late it doesn't work, although OST and client music is still working, I didn't know what happened, I tried to install the game many times but still not work 
      Also I changed the windows 3 times at this week due to this problem, but nothing new, my Yuri client also the same thing, I turned on all the sound and voice options but still didn't work!! What's the problem ?? Any idea ??
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      So apparently the game worked with me when I was younger and from years ago when I had Windows XP to install it with a clean RA2 and Yuri's Revenge CD'S, and they still are clean until today and no scratch or anything on them.
      Now my problem for Windows 10 64-bit is whenever I insert my CD and I run the AUTORUN.EXE it seem to work fine but when I press install so it gets ready to open setup.exe nothing happens then after like 5 minutes straight. I tried running as windows 95, it seem to get me something say: That my oleaut32.dll is old and needs to be updated (when I do have the latest version.), then it says it want to reboot my PC to install VBRUN60. But still not luck after I do everything I can and this.
      I really do need help to know what the heck is going on.
      Also very important note: That I saw in other post I need to uninstall KB3086255 when I do not own it.
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      I just joined. Can someone please point me to the latest instructions on how to setup CnCNet, patch the games to Win10 & any other important considerations on getting them to work online? Also, after everything is setup, where would i go to join a game?
      I would think this info should be front & center on CnCNet but i did not see it, sorry if I missed it.
      fyi i just bought the game pack on Origin and downloaded the games from there.
      Thanks a lot for your help!
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