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Yuri's: Custom Maps Not Working



I pasted my old .yrm maps into the custom maps and the regular maps folders even, but they arent coming up at all in the create game room.

They load fine into the Skirmish Mode in the regular game, but not the CNCNet app.

I'm also noticing only 2 of the several maps I've loaded playing other peoples matches will come up in the CNCNet app Skirmish Mode / create match. They're both custom versions of Tour of Egypt; it seems none of the from scratch maps at all will appear on my available maps list.


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Hello, I assume you're using the CnCNet Yuri's Revenge client? 

Make sure your maps are in the Custom/Maps directory. This can be found in your game directory where Yuri's Revenge is installed.

Startup the client once done and check online. Make sure to also change the game mode in the client as different maps have different game modes. 

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