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Megawealth mode can build mines


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2 hours ago, FReQuEnZy said:

@Grant @dkeeton 

Engineers need to be set as starting units and refinery should not be buildable.
No other units should spawn with the MCV on game start in megawealth.

After seeing this post I tried out all other modes and none work correctly, seems the .ini files are not getting read so even picking Megawealth the settings files is just ignored

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3 hours ago, FReQuEnZy said:

@dkeeton Did your RA2 mode fixes break this functionality?


I figured out how to fix the issue, seems it might have been broken for a long time.


To fix this navigate to the INI folder inside the RA2 location


Make a new folder "Map code"


Move the following inside the new folder;


Free For All.ini

Land Rush.ini

Meat Grinder.ini


Naval War.ini

Team Alliance.ini

Unholy Alliance.ini



After that these setting do get applied as per the .ini file.

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