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[YR] Ancient Aliens Climate Change (4 Players) - 2vs2 & FFA


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A nice huge naval map for 4 players, which forces players to expand in late game in order to keep the money flowing.

Edit: Several improvements. Added little islands to expand options. Improved city. Improved center. Improver oil defense. Improved Corners.






ancient aliens climate change (4 players, updated).map

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I played it several times now. This is the best version for casual players. I got good feedback. The other version (without climate change) is for more pro players who want to have a more diverse late game. But not everyone is happy with that vast space and the need to expand. Some say the map has ally favor. But that's mainly because of the scouting work u have to do as a russian. If you know the map you can also perform pretty well as a soviet, especially because you have near starting bases and can do rushes.

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