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Tiberian Dawn - Missing Videos


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So, then you're missing the videos because you enabled NoCd mode, despite the explicit warning in the installer that the videos are on the CD, and that enabling NoCD will prevent you from seeing them.


The option is in conquer.ini. Just disable it again.

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So, you have TFD. Did you install the patch on TFD? Or did you just install the full game pack?


Because simply installing patch 1.06c on TFD C&C95 should work perfectly. Heck, I made it on TFD. But if you install another full game in a different folder then that folder obviously doesn't have the videos.

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On TFD, all you needed to install was 1.06c and the hotfix. It's called a patch for a reason, you know. And the site specifically mentions it's TFD compatible.


Just above the screenshots:


The patch is compatible with both The First Decade and the CD version of C&C95. That includes the C&C95 ISOs which EA has released.

When the patch is installed on a First Decade installation, it will automatically enable the game's ini-controlled no-CD mode.

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